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Cutting edge technology for a seamless service

We see people and technology as a dynamic duo. We develop and use the best technology to improve quality, reduce costs and speed up turnaround times – all whilst keeping the essential human touch.

If a piece of tech doesn’t exist, our in-house developers will create it, meaning we can tailor solutions to each client’s needs. 

Through automation, we can speed up manual tasks and add quality checks. Whilst our team are perfectionists, this removes room for human error. With technology and team in tandem, we can deliver high-quality translation projects with faster turnarounds and cost savings.

Our powerful translation management system (TMS)


Saving time and keeping everyone in the know, Dovetail is our bespoke translation management system. With workflow automation we can connect our international team of linguists with our in-house project managers, to keep things moving no matter the timezone. This helps provide clarity at every step and ensure deadlines are met.

Dovetail portal

The portal gives our clients complete transparency and control on projects and can be accessed at any time. With one click you can request quotes, upload documents for translation, check the status of projects and access all past translations.

Online review tools 

Our online review tool lets local market teams view translated content and provide their feedback quickly and easily from anywhere in the world. It’s a seamless way for us to make all the necessary updates to the translation memory and glossary once the final content is signed off.

Bespoke CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools 

Terminology management 

Together we’ll build and maintain a list of approved terminology across your organisation. This helps to speed up the translation process and ensure consistency between projects, markets, products and teams.

Dovetail transform 

This processing tool, developed in-house, allows us to automate the preparation of all types of files for translation. It’s particularly handy for files such as autocad .dwg files, or fully customisable formats such as xml. It means we can work more efficiently and deliver the highest quality translations.

Translation alignment tools 

With our technology, we can take any approved past translations you have (in any format) and integrate them into our translation memory software. This means you don’t need to start from scratch when you begin working with us. We can hit the ground running by making the most of our technology and saving time and costs down the line.

Translation memory software

Technology helps us to work smarter. Our secure translation platform Dovetail allows our linguists to build a bank of approved words and terminology with every complete translation. Using integrated translation memory (TM) software means we can capture ‘pre-approved’ translations for terms, common phrases or regularly used paragraphs of text – meaning you never pay for the same translation twice. 

Once in the system, they can be recalled and used for ongoing projects. They can also be updated with feedback or learnings from one translation to the next. TM not only creates consistency across translations but makes the process more efficient, lowering costs with each translation.

TM software isn’t just for ongoing clients. At the start of our partnership we can upload any existing translations you have into the system to start building your translation memory from the get go.

Dovetail Connect our (API)

What good are translations if you can’t easily access them or put them into practice? Our API, Dovetail Connect, makes sharing files from your platforms back to ours totally seamless

Use our range of connectors to automate your translation workflow and upload and publish quality translations on an ongoing basis with just the click of a button. 

AI for cost-effective, quick-turnaround translations

AI helps deliver the balance between creating translations that connect with your audience, whilst lowering costs and speeding up turnarounds. Instead of taking a human-first approach, Machine Translation (MT) uses technology for the initial translation, before this is post-edited by one of our linguists. MT is particularly useful for less creative translations that have a tight turnaround or strict budget.

Read more about this service, machine translation.

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