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language facts

10 fascinating language facts to impress your friends

From the world’s longest word, to the world’s shortest alphabet, in this blog we take a look at 10 fascinating facts on language to impress your friends.

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3 ways to create a partnership that drives growth

Great partnerships have the power to transform those involved and the world around them. Wilbur and Orville Wright gave us wings to fly and Ben and Jerry expanded our waistlines.

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How to choose the right partner to translate your learning and training content

Your translation partners are an extension of your L&D team. Just like when you’re hiring internally, there are some key considerations and questions to ask when outsourcing translations to a translation agency. Whether you want to switch providers, or are hiring a translation company for the first time, it can feel like a big job.

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multilingual training, training translation

How to measure the value of multilingual training courses

If you need to prove the business case for multilingual training content, it helps to measure performance. Here Susan Lankfer discusses data, benchmarking and making sense of the numbers.

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e-learning translation, e-learning localisation, translating e-learning

Engaging with a global workforce – what to consider when translating e-learning content

Engaging a global workforce with training content involves localising your e-learning translations for each market. Here we look at what that means for multilingual e-learning projects.

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Budget 2014 set to boost UK exports

When George Osborne announced this year’s Budget earlier this week, there was no doubt that it had been conceived against a very different economic backdrop than that of 2013. The economy of 2014 is already showing significant signs of recovery, growth forecasts are improving and business confidence is increasing.

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