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How International Marketers harnessed ‘glocal’ thinking during the pandemic

The challenge of how to communicate across regions is not a new one. But one aspect of comms that the pandemic has amplified is the need to think both globally and locally.

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Translating user-generated content

UGC is a great way to boost customer engagement, hear genuine feedback and create a buzz around your business. Research by Offerpop found that websites which featured user content saw a 20% increase in return visitors.

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Changing channels: how COVID has impacted international marketing

They say the best-laid plans often go awry – a sentiment very true for the past 12 months. For marketing professionals the pandemic meant doing away with annual strategies, cancelling events and rethinking messaging and creative material.

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learning a new language
TED Talk: 4 reasons to learn a new language

Learning a new language has never been easier. There are other benefits too. So don’t rely on English as the world’s universal language, watch this TED Talk for more reasons to learn.

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machine translation, AI translation, neural translation
AI, MT, neural translations – how far away are we today?

Are AI, machine translation and neural translation systems accurate enough to take over from human translators? Find out here.

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translating LinkedIn posts and profiles
Our advice for translating content for LinkedIn

Translating LinkedIn posts and profiles is an effective way to engage in overseas markets. However, as a professional network, professional and accurate translations are essential. Here is our advice for handling these translations.

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Are your translations private?

Could using free online translation tools be exposing your organisation to data breaches or loss of IP? Read our blog explaining how to keep your translations private and get the benefits of machine translation.

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company global business
Exploring the challenges of taking your company global

The Comtec team have been out and about meeting people who are looking to take their companies global. Here we explore some of the challenges they face.

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