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How to translate quality multilingual L&D content

Translated learning and training programmes, when done badly, are like listening to someone retell a joke when they’ve forgotten the punchline. It’s difficult to understand, frustrating to deliver and underwhelming. When done well, L&D content should be just as engaging regardless of the language it’s consumed in. That’s why it’s so important to take considered

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Our latest guide provides practical guidance for making the translation process for your learning and training content much simpler

As a Learning and Development team, creating and delivering learning and training programmes is what you’re great at. But when working in an international company you have the added challenge of developing programmes that perform on a global scale. You need to develop programmes and then translate the content – sometimes in many languages –

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A Guide to eLearning Authoring Tools and Translation

With so many different authoring tools on the market, it can sometimes be hard to know which is the best fit for creating your eLearning content – and that’s even before translation is thrown into the mix!

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Overcoming the challenges to delivering multilingual eLearning content – time and money

Providing consistent training for a global workforce is no easy task. The more countries you need to engage with, the more hoops you need to jump through to deliver engaging eLearning content.

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Overcoming the challenges to delivering multilingual eLearning content – learner engagement

Working with eLearning agencies who support organisations across many different sectors, I find they are often united by the same challenges.

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localising L&D programmes

Stats and facts: the truth behind localising L&D programmes

Don’t let language barriers affect the success of your L&D programmes! Have a look at this infographic that shares some interesting stats and facts about languages and employee engagement.

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translating learning and development content

Why you’re not translating L&D content

Many global L&D teams aren’t translating their learning and training programmes. Why not? Here we explore the barriers to translation and how to overcome them.

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learning and development content

Are you struggling to get buy-in from local markets for your localised L&D content?

Are you experiencing push-back from local markets regarding localising your learning and development content? If so, our blog post provides advice for getting buy-in from your local colleagues.

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translating L&D programmes

How do I know I’ll get ROI from translating L&D programmes?

How do you know that translating your L&D programmes will deliver a positive ROI? In this post, we share a few ways to convince budget holders and other decision-makers.

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