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A keen linguist, fluent in French and German, James has been working at Comtec Translations since 2012. As an account manager, he supports his ever-growing portfolio of UK-based and international clients by overseeing their daily translation requirements. With experience in managing a wide range of projects, James enjoys sharing his experiences and learnings to assist businesses in overcoming the language barrier.

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Machine translation in the field of marketing

Machine translation in the field of marketing

With the rising demand for more interactive, personalised content, delivered at scale, marketers are turning to machine translation to help them get there.

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Culture in the translation process

Why is it so essential to incorporate culture into the translation process?

In this blog, we’ll be exploring the essential role cultural awareness plays when creating and translating content.

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Preparing content for translation

How to prepare content for translation

For anyone looking to expand into new markets, preparing content for translation is a key step to success. This blog will walk you through everything you need to consider before pressing send.

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Valentines Day

‘I Love You’ – A Multilingual Valentine’s Card!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did this morning’s post bring cards, chocolates, flowers and gifts aplenty from your significant other…or secret admirer? Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, originally a saint’s day but now more closely associated with romance and love.

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technical marketing translations

How to strike the perfect balance of style and accuracy in technical marketing translations

How do we strike the perfect balance of style and accuracy when translating technical marketing content? Our latest blog walks readers through our tips and tricks to producing accurate translated content with a creative twist.

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website translation connector

What is a website translation connector and do you need one?

Tired of manually managing translations but not sure whether a website translation connector is right for you? Our blog walks you through the details: from what this technology does, to whether you can benefit.

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Case Study: Why thinking locally is the key to success globally

What does it take to scale your business globally? We sat down with international experts (and Comtec client), Merkle, to find out. In this interview Mylène Curie, Senior Lead of International Excellence, shares her insight into localising global digital marketing and how to measure success.

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local market reviews

Case Study: How the in-country review process works for translations

What is the market review process, how does it work and how do you do it? Rather than us telling you, we spoke to our client Ben Bonner at McCann Central to hear his experience and top tips.

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difference between swiss german and german

Language differences between German and Swiss German

The difference between German and Swiss German is huge. In fact, a lot of Germans have difficulty understanding it. Finding a translator with local knowledge is therefore critical. Swiss German is really a collection of German dialects used by around 4.5 million people in Switzerland, as well as in some alpine communities in Italy.

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