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A keen linguist, fluent in French and German, James has been working at Comtec Translations since 2012. As an account manager, he supports his ever-growing portfolio of UK-based and international clients by overseeing their daily translation requirements. With experience in managing a wide range of projects, James enjoys sharing his experiences and learnings to assist businesses in overcoming the language barrier.

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Case Study: Why thinking locally is the key to success globally

What does it take to scale your business globally? We sat down with international experts (and Comtec client), Merkle, to find out. In this interview Mylène Curie, Senior Lead of International Excellence, shares her insight into localising global digital marketing and how to measure success.

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local market reviews

Case Study: How the in-country review process works for translations

What is the market review process, how does it work and how do you do it? Rather than us telling you, we spoke to our client Ben Bonner at McCann Central to hear his experience and top tips.

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difference between swiss german and german

Language differences between German and Swiss German

The difference between German and Swiss German is huge. In fact, a lot of Germans have difficulty understanding it. Finding a translator with local knowledge is therefore critical. Swiss German is really a collection of German dialects used by around 4.5 million people in Switzerland, as well as in some alpine communities in Italy.

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European French vs Canadian French: what’s the difference?

Want to know the difference between European French and Canadian French? You’re in the right place. This isn’t just a case of poutine vs crêpes, Canadian French exhibits many differences from Continental or Metropolitan French, especially in less formal and spoken language.

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style and tone of voice in translation

The importance of style and tone of voice in translation

Have you included details of style and tone of voice in your localisation brief? Just like you wouldn’t brief in a creative copywriter or designer without a sense of voice or brand style, you should also think about it when it comes to translations.

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Translating marketing slogans

Translating marketing slogans in 4 steps

The translation of marketing slogans is a specialist skill. Copywriters can spend hours agonising over the perfect headline for your brand, so the last thing you need is that being lost in translation.

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Video translation: what you need to know

Leading brands are successfully using videos as part of their international marketing strategies. Not only in product or service advertising, but also in content marketing.

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How are agencies coping during the pandemic?

With Covid-19 very much still present in our lives, at Comtec we’ve spent a lot of time recently reflecting on the good, the bad and the thankfully not too ugly from the past 10 months.

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Process makes perfect: how to deliver quality translations for your clients

Life in an agency is fast paced. Whether it’s the creative, elearning or even the translation industry, we share the same goal – delivering high-quality work for our clients.

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