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A keen linguist, fluent in French and German, James has been working at Comtec Translations since 2012. As an account manager, he supports his ever-growing portfolio of UK-based and international clients by overseeing their daily translation requirements. With experience in managing a wide range of projects, James enjoys sharing his experiences and learnings to assist businesses in overcoming the language barrier.

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Our top tips for establishing an effective translation process to support your product launch in EVERY language

effective marketing translations for product launches

Planning and coordinating your product launches is a challenge in any circumstances. Adding the need to spread the word across multiple territories into the mix just ramps up the pressure! When your time and budget are tight, it’s more important than ever to have a robust, affordable and effective marketing translation process in place that

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Our tried and tested tips to make sure your marketing translations deliver real value for money and hit the mark in every language

Getting value for money in marketing translations

Never has it been more vital for each and every marketing message to earn its place. At a time when entire marketing strategies have been disrupted overnight, businesses need to adopt a new, agile and more cost-effective approach to global marketing – or risk floundering in their competitors’ wake! But, in a world filled with

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