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Joanna Mos is responsible for business development and marketing at Comtec Translations. Read her latest blog posts here.

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new year around the world

International public holidays your company should know about

Get your calendars at the ready. If you’re part of an international organisation or working with colleagues, clients or suppliers around the globe, these public holidays are worth taking note of.

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international communications

Getting international communications right

Learn more about the importance of international communications in this interview with International Communications Consultant Claire Snowdon.

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Central and Eastern Europe

Doing business in Central and Eastern Europe – the lowdown

Is your company exploring doing business in Central and Eastern Europe? Read this blog post to learn more about culture, etiquette and business communications in this region.

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international tradeshow, translation, localisation

Getting ready for international tradeshows

Are you planning to exhibit at an international tradeshow in the next 12 months? If so, read our blog post that shares what you need to do to communicate with international customers and how to prepare for the event.

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medical devices

Should agents or distributors be involved in translations of medical device literature?

A prevailing question on the minds of manufacturers and exporters of medical devices is how agents or distributors should be involved in translations of medical device literature. Should they be assigned to carry out the translations themselves, provide approval on translations or arrange for professional linguists to carry out the work? Should local markets therefore

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