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training multinational teams

Training multinational millennials? Start speaking their language

If your multinational company wants to recruit and retain the younger generations, training and learning & development opportunities are very attractive. Here we explore trends in training and the importance of localising content for multinational employees.

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International events – how to win business with localised materials

How do you communicate with customers and business associates at international events? Having translated and localised materials, and even an interpreter to hand, can make all the difference in winning business. Learn more here.

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translation memory software

How translation memory software saves you time and money year after year

Why translate something twice, and pay for it twice, when you can reduce your word count by identifying repetitions and improve accuracy and consistency at the same time? That’s what translation memory software can help you with, learn more here.

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multilingual translations

How to prepare content intended for many markets for translation

Here’s our advice for preparing your content for multilingual translations. If you need to reach more than one market with a range of content, here’s how to streamline the process and ensure quality translations.

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brand name analysis

Linguistic considerations when localising brand or product names

Before launching a brand or product in a new global market, it is essential to perform a brand name analysis. Otherwise your brand could end up in one of those translation blunders articles! Here we provide some pointers of what to watch out for.

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