Translations services for leading provider of learning and development solutions, Insights

Partnering with people-centric companies results in a great working relationship.

Comtec were invited to tender for the translation contract with Insights, a global leader in learning and development solutions. From an initial request for information sent to sixteen translation service providers, Comtec were delighted to make the shortlist of three and then be awarded the contract.

Insights were looking for a translation partner who could deliver improvements to the translation process, cost savings, and increase productivity. But most of all they needed a great fit, synergy and shared values to create a strong collaborative partnership between both our businesses.

We welcomed this approach and found the onboarding process with Insights extremely rewarding. This has given the team a deep understanding of the business, its customers and its USP, as well as an opportunity to start building relationships with individual team members.

It has been a journey of discovery and one that has aligned our businesses and built trust between all parties.

This is the Insights experience:

Partnering with companies that share your values

Insights knew that we have the capacity and expertise to deliver high-quality translations, but a collaborative partnership requires a meeting of minds and shared values. The tendering process involved exploring these values and discovering what qualities would lead to a strong collaborative partnership. These included factors such as being a family run business, as well as our focus on quality assurance.

Onboarding is all about building knowledge and partnerships

As part of the onboarding process our translation team were invited to experience Insights first-hand, including an Insights Discovery Personal Profile, a webinar and product awareness session. Not only did we get the opportunity to delve deep into the what, why and how of the business, we also had a unique customer experience that will enable us to deliver more effective translations.

A rewarding working relationship

Comtec has been working with the Insights team on the translation of accreditation materials for the Chinese market and the localisation of My Insights, a learning development platform, into French, with German, Dutch and Spanish projects in the pipeline. The Insights onboarding experience has laid the foundations for a great partnership and our translation team are already seeing the benefits of working in close collaboration with Insights’ Solutions Product Team.

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“Comtec’s core values are to be dynamic, engaging, effective and thoughtful as they help businesses grow and this people-centric approach aligns very much with our values here at Insights.”

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