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As an exporter, why invest in language skills?

As an exporter, why invest in language skills? In a nutshell, because they win business! For UK businesses looking to maximise and expand their overseas/export activities, the potential benefits are endless; greater productivity, a broader client base and healthier financial performance, to name but a few. Without language skills, companies will struggle to communicate in

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Comtec supports rapid expansion at leading European e-learning specialist

One of Europe’s leading independent digital learning companies, Sponge UK, has maximised its growth with the support of language service provider, Comtec Translations. Working with an increasing number of global clients, many of them household names like Tesco, GlaxoSmithKline, the United Nations and Toyota, Sponge UK delivers improved workplace performance, using advanced technologies and creative

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5 strategies for increasing global customer satisfaction rates

When your business becomes a global concern, the way you look after your international customers is an important factor in your success. In your target market you’ll be competing with other exporters and domestic competitors, so it’s not enough just to translate and localise product marketing content to reach new customers: you also need to

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