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5 strategies for increasing global customer satisfaction rates

When your business becomes a global concern, the way you look after your international customers is an important factor in your success. In your target market you’ll be competing with other exporters and domestic competitors, so it’s not enough just to translate and localise product marketing content to reach new customers: you also need to

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How to get super-fast translations in fashion retail

Fashion retail is a fast-paced vertical with new lines being added every minute that need to be available to purchase almost instantaneously. If you’re a retailer or brand that operates internationally, instantaneous means getting product details translated super-fast too. But super-fast translations also need to be super-effective. Customers are not only buying an item of

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Comtec Translations supports aggressive export drive at Tru Tension

A Bristol based manufacturer of tools and care products for the motorcycle industry is reaping the reward of its aggressive export drive, with international sales now representing 50% of its business. Tru Tension, which launched in 2015 across the UK, America and Australia, quickly moved to expand its international reach. With the support of Comtec

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