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Language differences between Spanish and Latin American Spanish

Although continental Spanish speakers will be able to make themselves understood in Latin America, and vice versa, there are some significant language differences of which businesses targeting both markets should be aware. With around 400 million native speakers, Spanish is second only to Mandarin Chinese in its use around the world. It has official status

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Localisation in 3 leading e-learning platforms

Which e-learning authoring tool are you using for your online e-learning courses? Here we look at three leading platforms and their facilities for translation and localisation: Articulate, Lectora, and Adobe Captivate. Articulate Articulate is a relatively cheap software package designed for those amongst us who aren’t tech geniuses! Perfect for anyone with a great idea

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Top tips for managing e-learning localisation projects

E-learning has opened up numerous opportunities for companies and organisations to deliver training on a global scale. Whether you’re providing in-house training for employees in different regions, or selling an e-learning course to a company with international clients, your e-learning content should be fully localised for the target audience. Why localise e-learning courseware? Naturally, if

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