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Are you considering new overseas markets and thinking about translations? Here are our top tips for handling translations for your sales and marketing material.

According to a 2012 report by The Common Sense Advisory, in order to reach 80% of the global online audience a website must be translated into a minimum of twelve languages. But that doesn’t mean that every business should translate their website in all these languages! However, it does give an understanding of where the opportunities lie for businesses looking to target a global audience.
Communication in other languages can feel like a daunting task. However, with a carefully thought out plan in place, translation and localisation of both web and print material provides the necessary tools to effectively expand into new markets and support rapid growth.

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Six steps to succeed in overseas business meetings

You may be considering new overseas markets for your products or services. Successful meetings with new and existing clients based overseas are critical to ensuring your business performs well in your target markets. While the fundamentals may be the same, there are some things that must be taken into consideration when meeting potential customers and

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Top 10 Languages for International Business

In today’s world, business is truly international. While English may retain the top-spot, knowing other important business languages can open doors to new markets, contacts and opportunities. Considering the number of native speakers, world economies and key industries, we’ve listed the ten most important languages for doing business overseas. Some may be obvious choices, but

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Going Global 2015 – A must for any exporter!

This past week I attended UKTI’s Going Global, Europe’s leading exhibition for businesses looking to expand internationally, export their products and services or set up overseas operations. Held at ExCeL London on the 13th – 14th May and run in conjunction with the Business Show 2015, Business Startup and Sales Innovation Expo 2016, the event

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Making the perfect first impression – Business culture and etiquette overseas


We’ve all heard the horror stories of business people making cultural faux pas in other countries, from failing to follow the custom around greetings, to wrongly interpreted hand gestures and giving an inappropriate gift. So if your organisation is looking to export to a new overseas market, you’ll want to make a good impression –

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