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Translating for luxury brands can present very unique challenges.

Translating copy for luxury brands presents companies with very unique challenges. Keeping the core brand identity and reputation intact while also reaching international audiences with engaging and relevant marketing communications is not always easy.
Many luxury brands are seeing growth in overseas markets as demand for luxury goods in countries such as China remains high. In fact, around half of the world’s spending on luxury brands comes from the expanding Chinese middle classes. Japan and the US follow closely behind, and other regions also saw growth in the luxury sector in 2014.

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Translating your videos to attract new customers overseas

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Are you looking for a new approach to promoting your brand overseas and launching your business effectively into new markets? High quality video is the spark your overseas marketing material needs. Using video is a modern, innovative and impressive way of achieving your ambitions. YouTube alone attracts over one billion unique visitors every month; this is almost one out of every two people on the internet, searching for videos on just about anything and everything!

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To dub or not to dub? Different approaches to audio-visual translation

As a Spanish linguist and a huge fan of world cinema, I was thrilled to see that the latest film by Pedro Almodóvar, La Piel que Habito (The Skin I Live In), has finally hit our screens. This got me thinking afresh about the subtitling vs. dubbing dilemma, the skill sets and technologies involved in audio-visual translation, and its place in today’s multi-lingual business environment.

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