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Human Translation vs. Machine Translation: The pros and cons for legal translations


Many people confuse Machine Translation (MT) with free translation tools such as Google Translate. This causes particular concern amongst firms requiring legal translation, as online translation tools offer no data security protection, confidentiality or quality assurance. Machine translation is very different to those free tools. It’s secure and complies with data security and confidentiality requirements;

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The Importance of Translation Memory Software

How do you ensure quality and consistency across all your translations? Whether you need translations for a variety of channels (websites, brochures, emails etc.), technical manuals or specifications that are regularly updated or seasonal marketing campaigns, you will want your translations to be consistent; with the same terminology, phrasing and definitions across all communications. Translation

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10 Global Social Networks You May Never Have Heard Of

The advent of social networks, over the past decade, have given rise to a huge number of new promotional channels, many of which offer great reward for minimal financial outlay. However, because of the dominance of global giants like Facebook and Twitter, it can sometimes be hard to appreciate the bigger social networking picture.

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What happens to the data that you put into machine translation

The lure of free machine translations can be strong when working to a tight budget or deadline. The obvious drawback of a poor-quality translation is often overlooked when all you need is to understand the gist of a document, however most users do not consider the technical side of what happens to the data that you put into translation machines.

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