Why London businesses should work with translation agencies to achieve international success

When it comes to conversion rates, the evidence is striking: international consumers are around four times more likely to buy a product or service online if the website is provided in their native language. That alone is a compelling reason for businesses in London to work with translation agencies to help them create effective localised content for their foreign markets.

Making the right impact

It’s not enough to provide literally translated materials, however. Marketing content needs to make an immediate impact if it is to be successful – and it needs to be the right kind of impact. Poorly-translated materials will harm your brand rather than drive sales, making you look amateurish. This is why it’s always worth investing in professional translation agencies, particularly when your business is considering the prospect of entering a whole new market abroad.

Whenever you are preparing marketing materials in another language, the effect depends on many factors, not all of them related to the language itself. A good translation agency will have deep insights into the target market and appreciate the subtleties of both language and culture – helping them to connect effectively and maintain your brand, whilst avoiding the pitfalls that can occur.

Working in more than 200 languages and with 3,000 skilled translators based around the world, Comtec has over 30 years’ experience in helping companies expand into new international markets. We combine linguistic expertise with cutting-edge technological tools to provide a start-to-finish business translation service, delivering every project on time and on budget.

Factors to consider

Translation agencies in London who work internationally should appreciate the subtleties of creating marketing materials in different languages. It’s not just a matter of translating the content but creating the right overall impression – and that’s true for all of your materials, including your website. Cultural sensitivity and understanding is critical in this endeavour, since it is otherwise easy to make mistakes or end up with an ineffective campaign.

For example, you may need to accept that your product or even company itself may not resonate in the target language in the way it does in English – or that your slogan might cause offence or confusion. This even happens amongst speakers of English in different countries. Consider the reaction of customers in the United States to the well-known vacuum cleaner slogan, ‘Nothing sucks like an Electrolux’! There are many examples of products and taglines missing the mark in other languages – many of them apocryphal (it’s a subject that attracts urban legends), but plenty more true.

More seriously, you will need to take into account the financial and legal issues often associated with working in a new country. There will be many documents governing health and safety standards, insurance, customs and other issues, which you will need to obtain in English or have translated. You will also need not only to translate but fully internationalise your website, including integrating a currency converter, formulating shipping and returns policies and costs, and potentially creating a support desk – bearing in mind that customers will expect to receive help and information in their own language.

With our website translation services, brand name analysis service as well as our transcreation and marketing translation services, Comtec has you covered no matter the language requirement.

If you’re considering expanding your business overseas and would like some advice on how to get started, please get in touch at london@comtectranslations.com or call us on +44 (0) 20 7329 5004. We’re here ready and waiting to help.

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