Are you Going Global?

This week we are going global, literally, and visiting Going Global Live at ExCeL London (16-17 May 18)! This event is for businesses looking to export internationally or expand operations overseas: it’s a useful conference and exhibition for businesses new to global trade and those expanding further into new markets.

At Comtec we want to ensure we have the latest insights into the world of international trade, so Joanna Mos and I will be attending in order to learn more about the latest thinking and trends around global business.

Global market insights and exporting know-how

Naturally, as translation service providers, we work with many companies who are expanding into international markets. Some are just launching in their first overseas market and others are established multinational companies. In my experience the most important factor for global success is a thorough understanding of each new market. That means doing extensive research into everything from customer demand, business etiquette, export tariffs etc., to the political and economic landscape, compliance and regulations, and of course linguistics!

Therefore Going Global is a great event to attend because all the knowledge you need and expert support is available in one place. There’s also an interesting line-up of speakers, talks, seminars and panel discussions, as well as exhibitors with market specific knowledge to share.

Included in my list of ‘talks to attend’, is a session with Geoffrey de Mowbray (British Exporters Association (BExA) / Dints International Ltd) on How to make Britain a Great Exporting Nation! He will be exploring ways to overcome some of the challenges SMEs and MSEs face when exporting overseas, with a particular focus on emerging markets. I hope to share some of the key takeaways from this talk and others in a later blog post.

My top translation tip for first time exporters

Many visitors to Going Global will be first time exporters and therefore I thought it would be useful to share some translation advice. Most businesses launching in a new market need to translate a large amount of content, especially marketing collateral, website pages and other branded content.

Before you do this it is really important to understand how localisation (the process of translating and localising your content) may affect your brand. The key messages that you use for your UK customers – which reflect your brand identity, values etc. – may need adapting for different markets. Once you understand how these translate in your target market and what, if anything, needs adapting, it becomes much easier to prepare and align all your brand material for international customers. You may find this blog post on preparing content for multilingual translation useful for more information about this process.

Meet us at Going Global!

As well as attending Going Global to get inspiration and insights from market and industry leading experts, we are also keen to meet businesses that are thinking about exporting and global expansion. Our own expertise in translation and linguistics is an important part of any global strategy, and we’re happy to share our knowledge and advice too.

If you’re planning to attend Going Global and would like to learn more about communicating in overseas markets and how to get started with translation, get in touch! Joanna and I would be delighted to meet with you for an informal chat, answer your questions and talk about how languages fit into your global strategies.

Please give me a call or send an email to

You may also find our guide Languages in International Business useful. Download it here.

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