À la mode, Italian style

Fashionistas won’t know which way to turn this month; as if September’s frenzy of New York and London fashion extravaganzas weren’t enough to keep our credit cards under lock and key for years to come, models are now preparing to hit Milan’s trendy catwalks for the “Settimana della moda.

One of the “Big 4” of the Fashion industry (“gai Paris” being the obvious omission from the above list), Milan has been in the business since the Middle Ages. Its fame for fancy goods was already widespread in this country by the 16th century, when it gave rise to the English term “milaner” (now “milliner”). Five centuries later the capital of fashion is still going strong, and is never more apparent than through Milan Fashion Week, first established in 1979.

This year, the women’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection will be showcased from September 21 to 27, and will open its doors to the likes of brands such as Gucci, D&G, Versace, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, and so many more.

40 years after its first appearance, its popularity shows no sign of dwindling, and will hopefully be around to amaze and delight many future generations.

For a full calendar of events, visit the show’s official website at http://www.cameramoda.it/.

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