Thanks Jaguar Land Rover – You’re Helping to Fix Britain

At the recent Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce Economic and Business Conference, there were several ideas as to how we can get Britain moving again.

Of course, one of them was the importance of exporting – read more about this here.

Lord Digby Jones spoke passionately at the conference about how together we can “Fix Britain”. One of the main themes was about bringing back manufacturing to the UK. While the price of manufacturing abroad may be less and therefore attractive to industry leaders and to government, the value of manufacturing at home is great – in terms of raising taxes, employing people and making sure that the skills we once had here are not lost forever.

Here in the West Midlands, our heritage is largely based on our manufacturing prowess. And how fantastic therefore that Jaguar Land Rover confirmed this week that they would be investing £355m to establish a new factory just off the M54. This factory, which will manufacture low-emission engines, will create 750 jobs for the area.

What a great way to start fixing Britain. Not only does it mean that 750 people will once again be gainfully employed, enabling them to take pride in the work that they do, but it also creates taxes for government in the form of corporation tax, income tax and VAT, which in turn helps to reduce our nation’s debt. It also means that these 750 people will have more money to spend on the high street – in turn adding to the VAT bill. And let’s face it, all we hear about on the news is that we all need to spend more and raise consumer confidence.

So you see, bringing manufacturing home again and creating these vital jobs all helps to “Fix Britain”.

Thanks Jaguar Land Rover.

Comtec Translations is proud to be a supplier to Jaguar Land Rover.


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