Trading Our Way to Success

With economic recovery on everyone’s mind these days, it’s easy to see why the UK government has made international trade a top priority. Export currently makes up 60 per cent of the UK productivity growth.

As David Cameron said recently: “We are going to get out of this recession by trading our way out, by businesses deciding to create wealth and go after new markets, to export.”

The great news is that we’re doing just that. A recent survey by the Institute of Directors revealed that over 75 per cent of SMEs were planning to export more in 2011.
However, the way in which we do it needs to be carefully considered. Because, to really boost business overseas, it’s now clear that communication is the key.

Unfortunately, it’s also often where many of us fall down. Read our ‘Crash landing’ article to see how even the most high profile companies can get their translation wrong. Then click through to our ‘Take our word for it’ article for ways we’ve helped our clients get it right.

Business & Enterprise Minister, Mark Prisk, says companies who export boost their productivity by nearly 35 per cent in the first year alone. If you’d like to be one of those companies, let us help you get there.

Sophie Howe

Managing Director, Comtec Translations

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