Translating the business benefits of the 2012 Olympics

The Olympics are big business for UK companies. It is estimated that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be worth approximately £21 billion to the UK economy and will represent a huge opportunity for international trade. Not only will the Games see the world’s best athletes visiting the UK, but also major business players from around the globe. UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) is helping businesses reach out to these international markets by organising a series of business events and networking opportunities. UKTI has also posted an inspiring mini-movie on YouTube highlighting the business opportunities presented by the Olympics.

If your company is yet to consider doing business internationally, never has there been a better time. With a global audience of four billion, 120 heads of state visiting and half a million extra visitors in the UK, the Games really will offer businesses throughout the UK an Olympic-sized opportunity not to be missed.

Yet at a time when the potential for developing international business links is at such a high, it has been reported that many of the thousands of the British companies involved in the building and delivering of the Games are unable to shout about their involvement for fear of upsetting official sponsors. In fact they have apparently had to sign a contract placing huge restrictions on marketing their links with the Games for the next 12 years.

It is unfortunate that the companies that have used their expertise to help deliver such a monumental event will be unable to utilise these prestigious links to help them win new orders both at home and overseas. And not just while the Olympics take place, but for well for over a decade – when this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will have been truly missed.

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