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Language differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese

There are widespread differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese, most notably in pronunciation and vocabulary. Although Portuguese as spoken in Brazil and Portugal (and several other locations around the world) is essentially the same language, there are many differences between dialects. That means getting your business’s message across clearly is a job for a native

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Language differences between European French and Canadian French

Canadian French exhibits many differences from Continental or Metropolitan French, especially in less formal and spoken language. Canadian French is used as a general term for the various dialects of French spoken in Canada. These include Quebec French or Québécois and also those used in other Francophone communities throughout the country, especially Ontario and New

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Language differences between German and Swiss German

Swiss German is very different to Standard German, to the extent that a lot of Germans have difficulty understanding it. Finding a translator with local knowledge is therefore critical. Swiss German is really a collection of German dialects used by around 4.5 million people in Switzerland, as well as in some alpine communities in Italy.

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