Comtec sponsors eLN Connect 2019 to highlight how localisation can increase learner engagement


eLN Connect, the eLearning conference for learning and development professionals, returns to London on Wednesday 20th November. Now in its fifth year, Comtec is proud to sponsor this event, and Susan Lankfer, Comtec’s Head of Client Relations, will deliver a session on how localisation can improve learner engagement.

The 2019 conference theme explores the role of learning and development professionals in building and fostering learning cultures that thrive. At Comtec, we believe that part of this role includes exploring the impact of language on a global workforce and the importance of tailoring digital learning programmes to learners’ needs.

Helping learners take ownership of their learning

eLearning Network, the conference organisers, said: “We need to support our people, so they take ownership of their learning, allowing them to identify how their skills and careers develop. Creating the right environment and culture is critical, and we want to bring L&D together to explore how we can, or already are, doing this.”

Comtec’s Susan Lankfer agrees. She says, “Taking a more culturally sensitive and learner-centred approach is an important part of creating the right learning environment. Often people don’t appreciate the differences between training styles in one country and another. What works in the UK doesn’t necessarily engage learners in another part of the world. Localising your eLearning modules ensures that learning content is optimised for each market, taking into account different learning styles and cultures as well as languages, and giving your people the best chance of developing their skills.”

At eLN Connect 2019, Susan will deliver a parallel session that delves deeper into the benefits of translating eLearning content and the impact it can have on the global workforce. This session is aimed at learning and development professionals working for multinationals or for organisations that are expanding into new markets for the first time. Attendees will learn:

  • The big wins of translating eLearning content
  • The impact of delivering eLearning content in native languages
  • What can go wrong when not partnering with an experienced translation company
  • Best practice when designing content destined for translation
  • Pitfalls and best practice during the translation, localisation and re-build process
  • Top tips

Also at eLN Connect 2019

The conference line-up includes keynote speakers Nicole Bradfield, Partner at Within People, and Robin Hoyle, Head of Learning Innovation at Huthwaite International. Nicole Bradfield will open the conference with a keynote on “Sorry nothing to learn here: Unlearning leadership to grow 21st-century organisations”, looking at the effect of old leadership styles on learning and development.

Robin Hoyle’s closing keynote will deliver a summary of the conference’s themes and recommendations and also explore how to measure the impact we have on the learning process.

Director of Comtec, Sophie Howe, is also a panellist on the ‘Big Debate: Digital Transformation’ which will discuss how L&D underestimates digital and what we need to do to capitalise on its opportunity.

The full conference programme can be found here – https://elearningnetwork.org/eln-connect-2019/

Comtec looks forward to meeting our eLearning clients and new connections at eLN Connect. If you would like to arrange a meeting before, during or after the conference, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email Susan Lankfer on slankfer@comtectranslations.com, or call +44 (0) 1926 335 681.

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