Global Chatter – July: Romanian Expressions & International Genealogy

Welcome to Comtec Translation’s Global Chatter roundup, a new monthly feature bringing you the latest blogs, posts and online stuff all about translation & world languages. Each month we’ll be scouring the World Wide Web to bring you the most interesting, helpful and amusing stories from across the internet (and the globe) to give you a little insight into what we do – and to share the joy of language with you.

This month: Learn how cultural diversity can affect your multilingual translations, discover some very charming Romanian expressions and trace your family all over the world.

How Does Cultural Diversity Impact Translation?


From ideas about time-keeping and beliefs about following “the rules”, to embracing innovation and harbouring deep respect for personal privacy, no culture anywhere in the world is identical to another.

The qualities, principles and characteristics which make a country what it is play a unique role in the job of translator. While literally translating word for word will convey the sense of your message, for it to resonate with an audience speaking a different language, translators must have a deep knowledge of that audience’s culture, applying its quirks to make your message more appealing.

This is the art described in this fantastic blog from Linguistica International, which will run you through a few, broad cultural norms to illustrate the point. Interesting stuff.

20 Hilarious Romanian Expressions


Have you ever taken somebody out of their watermelons? Have you ever wanted to make a trip to see a long lost friend but she lives at the Devil’s mother? If not, chances are you’re not Romanian. This fun blog from Paula Veselovschi published on the Matador Network is all about amazing Romanian expressions which sound even funnier in English.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, if you have taken somebody out of their watermelons – you’re driven them nuts. And if your friend never sees you, it’s because she lives too far away!

Global Name Translation Revolutionises Genealogy Searches


MyHeritage has launched a brand new piece of digital equipment designed to help family tree explorers trace their genealogy across international and linguistic borders – and it’s all about, you guessed it, translation!

The new technology enables global searches for relatives whose records may be in a different language. The freshly launched programme provides a range of translations designed to help users track down family members overseas, whatever their mother tongue. So whether you’re hunting for جاكوب الأسود in Arabic or Jake Black in the US, you can cross linguistic barriers with the click of a button.

Have you struggled to trace overseas relatives in the past? Which local sayings and expressions from your mother tongue make you laugh? Share your stories and your favourites with other readers below.

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