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The Armenian market may be relatively small, but if it’s one intend to tap into, you’re going to need word perfect translations to help you strike the right chord. Even the slightest mistake in grammar or wording can destroy your credibility, which is why you need to work with a team of Armenian mother-tongue translators with the highest standard of linguistic qualifications.

As well as the linguistic nuances, you also need to consider the impact culture has on your communications. Localisation issues such as the position of images, the appropriateness of images, the colour palette and the page layout will all need to be in-keeping with native expectations.

However you want to reach your Armenian-speaking audience, whether it’s through a flawlessly transcreated website, marketing content, or even a piece of software, an app, or a social media campaign, we can translate, localise and interpret it all.

Our Armenian translators:

  • Work to tight deadlines without compromising on quality
  • Maintain accuracy throughout their work
  • Handle any kind of Armenian translation
  • Treat all documentation as strictly confidential
  • Use translation memory software to drive-down costs
  • Work in legal, scientific, medical and other technical fields

Whether you’re a multinational with an advertising campaign you’d like to localise for an Armenian audience, or an engineering firm requiring translation of a technical manual to accompany equipment to be shipped to Armenia, we have the right translator with the relevant area of expertise.

To discuss your Armenian translation project, please get in touch with our team.

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