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The gaming industry has seen huge growth in the last few decades with online, mobile and console-based gaming reaching new players around the world. In fact, the global market for video games will reach £105.5 billion in 2018, an increase of 13.3% on 2017.

With 2.2 billion people playing games worldwide, it is no wonder that the demand for translating and localising games to provide gamers with a localised gaming experience, with content translated and localised to reflect their native language and cultural preferences, is also on the rise.

Comtec supports game developers with their translation and localisation requirements, working in a wide variety of formats and genres. We hand pick our translation team not just for their language skills, but also for their industry specific experience and passion for gaming. This means that translated content is not just fluent and authentic in tone, it’s also localised and aligned with the target’s gaming culture and community.

Games localisation requires the ability to handle multifaceted projects, and combines technical translation with transcreation and UX elements to ensure that players enjoy an engaging gaming experience. At Comtec we offer a comprehensive games localisation service enabling game developers to launch their products in global markets effectively.

Our games localisation team:

  • Comprises native speaking linguists with industry specific expertise and a passion for gaming
  • Understands the gaming community and culture in their target country as well as regional cultural preferences
  • Translates and localises all aspects of a game including video game scripts, graphics localisation, multilingual voice acting services, lip-sync and subtitling, user interface localisation, and in-language game play
  • Can test localised games across different platforms including online, mobile and console-based
  • Handles translations in a wide variety of software applications
  • Uses Translation Memories to speed up translation times and reduce costs
  • Works in over 200 languages

You may also like to read more about our marketing translation services to help your gaming platforms reach new players in new markets. Also check out our technical translation services for translating and localising everything from manuals and guides to terms & conditions and EULA information.

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