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For over 30 years we’ve worked with marketing professionals and creatives to translate and localise marketing materials for global audiences. We’re pretty au fait with the processes, tight deadlines and levels of professionalism required when developing global marketing campaigns.

But we do more than just translate marketing content. Comtec works closely with our clients to help them make their global campaigns more effective, ensuring that our marketing translation services support their goal of successfully marketing a global brand while appealing to local markets.

Our approach is to really understand what you need your marketing translations to achieve, and then provide you with the right services that will enable you to deliver engaging campaigns in each market. We’ll also help you manage what can often be complex projects involving large volumes of different content, formats and channels. By recommending best practices and ways to manage your translation more effectively, you will get more value out of our services.


“It’s absolutely vital that our global audience receives the correct information in a language they understand. Comtec is fully entrusted as our sole translation service provider, and continues to provide us with a second-to-none service.”


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Automotive and Aerospace translations in all file formats. Leading international exhibitions company UKi Media & Events specialises in events for the Automotive and Aerospace industries and calls on us daily to translate and localise marketing materials to support their activities in Europe, Asia and South America. With in-depth knowledge of translation technology and file formats, we’re consistently able to reduce costs and turnaround times, without letting our high quality standards slip.

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Case Study: UKi Media & Events

In this case study we share how Comtec has supported UKi Media & Events for over four years, by delivering technical marketing translations for their events.

UKi Media & Events require a wide range of technical marketing materials for their global expos on an on-going basis.

Here we explain how our team deliver high quality translations on a weekly basis for our client.

Guide: A Guide on How to Develop Successful Global Marketing Campaigns

Are you using translation services as a strategic part of your international marketing campaigns? Many companies and brands find that their translated materials are not always effective.

With so much volume and such a diverse range of content to translate, you may be not be getting real ROI from translations. Often this is because a key component of the marketing translation project has been overlooked – localisation.

Download our guide today.

Guide: A Practical Guide To Translating Different Marketing Content

In this guide we simplify the various translation methods you can use, and what type of content they are best suited to. We also offer advice for working with translation service providers, to ensure your global marketing projects are delivered on time, on budget and, most importantly, are successful.

Download our guide today.

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