Expert marketing translation services make life easier for agencies in London

Although we call ourselves a translation agency, we recognise that our work does not begin and end with turning one language into another. Our marketing translation services are London-based – allowing us to work conveniently with businesses in the capital – yet our reach is global. Our clients operate in locations all around the world – and so our approach necessarily reflects the diverse nature of these local markets!

Our marketing translation services help London companies succeed overseas

Communicating effectively to your company’s audiences goes far beyond language. That’s why we view ourselves as an international marketing partner just as much as a translation partner.

Getting your message across to a local audience requires not only accurate language but also cultural sensitivity. The way your materials are presented must take into account the unique differences of each local culture. Nike famously had to recall a line of trainers because the flame logo on them resembled the name ‘Allah’ in Arabic script. This is an extreme example, but words, images and even colours can be received very differently depending on where you are marketing. Understanding cultural differences ensures your marketing materials will remain effective wherever they are deployed.

Our expert and comprehensive approach to marketing translation is tried and tested with excellent results. We have helped companies such as Aston Martin, Actegy Health, Hydratight and more expand their global presence and launch new products and services effectively overseas.

Working with you on your marketing campaign

Our first step in any marketing translation project is to establish a good working relationship with our clients. This ensures both parties collaborate closely and play their part in creating effective marketing materials. Our translation services at our London office act as a hub for exploring your needs . Our central London location means we can easily visit to discuss your campaign requirements with you in person.

We kick off by ensuring we have established a clear translation brief including style, tone and terminology guidelines. This means understanding the background and aims of your campaign, learning more about your company, brand, specific terminology and target markets as well as gathering any relevant reference materials to support the translation process. We will also check that the content to be translated is written in a suitable format that will be accessible and resonate well with your target audience. For example, short, simple sentences may facilitate our work and ensure key messages do not get lost in translation.

We will also deliver a sample translation at an early stage in the process in order to receive feedback from a suitable and trusted reviewer based in the relevant market; this way, our approach can evolve to reflect new information gathered from your campaign and we can adopt the tone and style that will be most effective.

If you’re looking for a professional translation agency in London to provide localisation support for your international marketing campaign, Comtec is on hand and ready to help. Please get in touch today at or call us on +44 (0) 20 7329 5004.

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