No fuss, no muss – how a trusted translation partner can help deliver hassle-free international marketing projects

Deadlines, hassle, urgency. If you work in an international marketing agency you’ll be all too familiar with these. A few last minute changes by the client, and it’s all hands on deck to ensure work is completed by the promised deadline.

I know what it’s like. From my experience working with a number of creative and digital agencies, I often receive a call asking whether it’s possible for a quick turnaround because a brochure or advert now needs translating into another language as part of a campaign.

With tight deadlines in place, you’re understandably wondering how to ensure an accurate translation, preserve brand values and retain the core message or sentiment in the target language.

Here’s why partnering with a professional and reputable translation agency, who can centralise and oversee the process, will save you time, hassle and a bit of money to boot!

Access to the right linguists

Your translation agency will hand-pick specialist native-speaking translators who are available to work on your projects. These linguists will not just be professional and native-speaking translators, they will also possess detailed subject matter expertise as well as creative and marketing experience. This is so much more efficient than spending your time ringing around freelance translators you have may have found online whose experience you may not be able to guarantee. A translation agency with a large team of linguists will also have the capacity to scale up and manage a sudden increase in workload.

A centralised and expertly managed process

Your translation partner will assign you a dedicated account manager to act as your main point of contact and to centrally manage and oversee all of your projects from quote stage to delivery. This ensures you don’t need to liaise with a large team of translators, particularly handy if it’s a large multilingual project that involves managing multiple teams of linguists based in different countries and time zones.

Your account manager also carefully manages quality throughout the translation process, ensuring that linguists adhere to the strict QA procedures in place. A centralised process managed by a professional translation expert all works to save you time and hassle.

Establishing an effective review process for your projects

An initial review of the translations by a ‘local’ team or individual in each country is a critical stage in the overall translation process. Having an initial sample translation reviewed saves time in the long run as it ensures that local knowledge and expertise is captured from the beginning, reducing the amount of subsequent amends and also ensuring effective translations.

Your translation partner will be able to ensure the perfect balance between centrally managed content development and local market input, having access to a suite of tools and feedback methods. Depending on the requirements of each local market, they will be able to work with you to establish an effective review process that avoids bottle-necks, including:

Translation tools for speeding up projects

One of the most effective ways of reducing time is to use translation memory software. Translation memories create a unique memory of your translations, including specific terminology. If you’ve worked for the client before, previous translations can be accessed and reused.

Particularly for high volume projects, translation memory software ensures delivery in very tight timescales, with the consistency and the high quality you expect. If you anticipate needing translation services on a regular basis for some of your clients, this tool can have a very positive impact on turnaround times. Saving time can also reduce costs, which you can then pass on to your client.

Saving time, money and hassle in the future

Having worked in the translation industry for 5 years, I’m always trying to develop new ways to save my clients time and money going forward. For any marketing agencies looking to translate, I would recommend establishing an ongoing partnership with a translation services agency. Knowing who to call, how they work and the processes involved will help you manage your clients’ expectations and ensure you meet your deadlines, and keep calm in the process!

If you anticipate needing translation services for any of your clients in the future and would like to have an initial chat about how we can help, please get in touch on 01926 335 681. We can discuss potential turnaround times, and what can be put in place now to ensure we offer the best tailored solutions for your projects.

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