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Translating your videos to attract new customers overseas

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Are you looking for a new approach to promoting your brand overseas and launching your business effectively into new markets? High quality video is the spark your overseas marketing material needs. Using video is a modern, innovative and impressive way of achieving your ambitions. YouTube alone attracts over one billion unique visitors every month; this is almost one out of every two people on the internet, searching for videos on just about anything and everything!

Regardless of your business size or sector, you can’t afford to miss out on such a simple and attractive way of reaching so many potential customers. Here are our ideas on how to use video to win new customers overseas and some top tips for how to translate the material into a different language depending on your target market.

Introduce your company in video format

Most companies have an ‘about us’ page on their website. Why not bring this section to life using video? Short interviews with employees or a walk-round of your premises help clients to understand your business and its key values.

Showcase your products or services

Instead of including just photographs of products on your website, why not show them off in promotional or demonstrative videos? Research shows that customers who view videos on product pages are significantly more likely to buy – and less likely to return products. In fact one online retailer reported a 400% increase in conversion rates for shoppers viewing videos online (

Share your knowledge

Being considered an expert in your field and having your name recognised within the industry can play a huge role in building your brand and helping it to become a trusted name. So why not share your knowledge in video format? There are endless possibilities, including online tutorials, how-to guides and product demonstrations.

Highlight your happy customers

Testimonials are a powerful sales tool and there’s no better way of displaying them than via video. Record video interviews with satisfied customers, asking them to share their opinions on your company, the service they have received and the products they have purchased.

Bring instructions to life

Making instructions visual creates a clear and effective medium in which to physically demonstrate to your clients how to use or look after their new product. It’s much more fun and interactive than trying to explain it in text format and uploading a video could save a great deal on printing costs for written instruction manuals.

Comtec’s top 3 tips for translating your videos for overseas markets

1. Research your overseas audiences prior to localising your videos. Some colours, images and ideas may not be appropriate in certain markets.
2. Decide exactly how you will translate your videos. Are multilingual subtitles sufficient or would full voiceover recording be more suitable?
3. Research the appropriate online media channels for marketing your videos. YouTube, for example, is banned in some countries, so others platforms may need to be considered.

To find out more about how to translate your videos into different languages, please get in touch on 01926 335 681 or email

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