Getting value for money in marketing translations

Our tried and tested tips to make sure your marketing translations deliver real value for money and hit the mark in every language

Getting value for money in marketing translations

Never has it been more vital for each and every marketing message to earn its place. At a time when entire marketing strategies have been disrupted overnight, businesses need to adopt a new, agile and more cost-effective approach to global marketing – or risk floundering in their competitors’ wake!

But, in a world filled with noise, how do you ensure your comms stand out, and – most importantly – get results? It’s an issue that’s even more important when you’re addressing a global audience, and your message needs to hit the mark in every language.

Laying strong foundations now won’t just sustain your business through all the current changes – it’ll ensure you’re responsive and resilient enough to secure your place in a future that none of us can predict right now.

Lean times call for lean processes

There’s no better time to reflect on and review your marketing translation processes than when budgets are tight and every pound you spend on marketing has to be justified!

All processes contain some element of wastage, and a little creativity can help you eliminate the things that aren’t helping you to develop your pipeline, increase your customer base or sell more products. If an activity isn’t helping you achieve at least one of these objectives, switch or ditch it.

To guarantee the best possible engagement from your marketing, you need to speak to your audience in their language – wherever they are in the world. But how do you ensure your translations deliver value for money in challenging times?

Here are five simple ways to engage and inform your global audience, without breaking the bank.

  1. Get ready for action

Like challenges, opportunities often arrive suddenly and demand a prompt response. Setting up a fast, affordable and effective translation process now will help you react quickly to new opportunities and steal a march on your competitors.

Our latest guide – Making every marketing communication count – contains simple and practical steps to streamline your translations and save money in the process. Designed to be read in under 20 minutes, it’s a great starting point to help you review and improve your current methods.

  1. Repurpose existing content

Take time to review and assess the content you’ve already shared with your audience. Chances are there’s tons of valuable information you can refresh and repurpose in different formats or on different platforms.

To help you do this, many translation providers use translation memory software to store pre-approved translations for frequently used terms, phrases or paragraphs of text. Check that your translation partner is passing on the cost savings generated by using translation memories.

You’ll find more on this subject in Making every marketing communication count.

  1. Ask for a volume based discount

It can be hard to guarantee the quality of your translations – or the speed of delivery – when you’re working with multiple translation providers. The results can be hit and miss, and inconsistent quality does nothing to help you build or strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Consider adopting a centralised approach by using one trusted, experienced translation partner for all your multilingual marketing. Working with one provider enables you to plan ahead – and gives you the chance to ask for a discounted price based on volume.

You’ll find more on the benefits of a centralised approach in Making every marketing communication count. If you’re struggling to find the right translation partner, our Kick Start Guide contains a handy checklist to help you find the right fit.

  1. Use local market experts

Our clients see fantastic results when they involve colleagues from their local markets in the translation and review process. The key to success is to control the process, so you get the feedback you need, both how and when you need it!

  1. Commit to your content

Save time and money by finalising your content before you start the translation process. Any changes mid-translation are likely to delay the process – as well as bumping up the cost! Providing your translation partner with a clear brief makes it easier for them to deliver quality translations on time and within budget.

What next?

We hope this advice helps you to get the best from your translation partner, and ensures your marketing gets results for your budget.

If you’ve read Making every marketing communication count – or any one of the indispensable guides we’ve produced to help you improve your marketing – why not book a FREE discovery call with a member of our friendly, expert team?

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