effective marketing translations for product launches

Our top tips for establishing an effective translation process to support your product launch in EVERY language

effective marketing translations for product launches

Planning and coordinating your product launches is a challenge in any circumstances. Adding the need to spread the word across multiple territories into the mix just ramps up the pressure!

When your time and budget are tight, it’s more important than ever to have a robust, affordable and effective marketing translation process in place that you can rely on.

When every alteration can cost precious time and money, how do you ensure your next product launch is smooth, streamlined and stress-free?

Here are three simple steps to help you control costs and meet deadlines:

  1. Save time on briefing

Are you losing valuable time briefing multiple translation providers? Perhaps you started out using a small translation business, but you’ve outgrown the number of languages they offer? Or maybe you use different translators for different languages?

Whatever the reason, multiple translation providers mean multiple briefs – a process that can be painful enough at the best of times! Instead, using a translation partner who can handle all your marketing translation requirements after just one briefing can save you valuable time and money.

Centralising your translations has an added benefit you may not have thought of. Building an ongoing relationship with your translation provider – and working with them as a partner, rather than a supplier – enables them to get under the skin of your business, and provide a better service as a result.

Over time they’ll develop an in-depth knowledge of your aims, goals and audience that makes it easier for every communication to be on point – wherever in the world your audience is. Ultimately, your translation partner becomes an asset in your quest for a consistent, valuable and resilient brand.

For more details on the many benefits of centralisation, check out our expert guide to Making every marketing communication count. This comprehensive guide will help you engage your global audience, convert customers into brand advocates and drive growth for your brand.

  1. Find the right fit

When it comes to choosing a translation provider, it’s important to find a partner that’s the right fit with your business. Start by drawing up a shortlist of possible partners, and use this handy checklist from our Kick Start Guide to narrow them down.

Ask potential translation providers how they select the linguists who’ll work on your account. For the best results, look for native-language linguists with experience in translating for your sector.

Ask them how they ensure their linguists have the right experience to handle the many elements of your product launch, including:

  • compelling adverts and brochures
  • technical product guides and summaries
  • optimised web copy
  • e-commerce product listings
  • subtitled videos

A good provider will always be happy to talk you through their induction process. Make sure each linguist working on your account has access to tone of voice documents and house style guidelines, plus a library of successful past translations.

  1. Get it right first time

Build time and resource into your schedule for upfront research and analysis. Investigating your local markets and testing your new brand name before starting the trademarking process are just two steps that’ll help you minimise curve balls and alterations – saving you time and money in the process.

Involving local market experts as well as your designers and content writers can help you achieve better results. Find out more about their critical role in our blog on how to ensure your translations deliver real value for money.

What next?

We hope this advice helps to simplify and strengthen your international product launches and find the right translation partner for your business. Comtec have been easing the pressure of multilingual comms for over 40 years. Our clients know they can rely on us to provide top-quality translations of all their marketing copy quickly, flexibly and affordably.

If you’ve read and enjoyed Making every marketing communication count, why not book a FREE discovery call with a member of our friendly, expert team?

You can call us on +44 (0)1926 335681 or email info@comtectranslations.com We’re here to help, and are always happy to provide tailored advice.

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