Success Stories: Localising marketing communications for Amtico International

Helping Amtico centrally manage and localise their global marketing communications

Amtico, a market-leading provider of luxury flooring, enlisted Comtec to assist in the creation of a new website for their key international markets.

To ensure the best possible output, we didn’t simply translate Amtico’s technical and brand material. We first established an in-depth understanding of the products, their brand positioning, style and tone, before our linguists fully localised the copy to read as if it had been originally written in the mother tongue of the target market. Combining consistent branding with clear and culturally appropriate communication, we were able to deliver effectively localised translations quickly and on-budget. Here’s how we approached this task:

A centralised process with local market input– a recipe for producing polished, fully localised copy

By working closely with the central marketing team, while also engaging with Amtico’s local market teams by establishing market specific style guides, glossaries and providing samples for review, we were able to deliver content consistent with the global Amtico brand, but localised for particular markets.

Innovative review tools and translation memory software

We utilised our bespoke online review tool to allow local markets to provide direct feedback on style, tone and terminology. Additionally, translation memory software was used to ensure consistency of style and terminology, eliminating unnecessary re-translation and reducing costs and timescales.

Fast Facts

•    ISO 9001:2008 certifications guaranteed the highest quality standards
•    Bespoke strategy developed to meet objectives, available resources and budget
•    Expert translation teams hand-picked to ensure full localisation of messages
•    Online Review Tool utilised to collect market-specific feedback from local teams

30 years of translation experience

An award-winning translation agency, Comtec provides fast, accurate and high-quality translations in over 200 languages. We’re the trusted language partner for many leading companies who call on our expert knowledge of international business and languages to help them expand into new markets overseas.

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