Multilingual Virtual Learning Services

Do you have the skills and facilities to engage your global teams with learning content that makes an impact?

Working in partnership with InSync Training, we offer multilingual virtual learning services, helping global teams and organisations make their virtual and blending learning programmes more effective and successful in all languages.

The service is delivered by our network of expert multilingual virtual classroom producers, who provide technical support to facilitators delivering training content in a virtual learning environment in a wide range of languages.

The service is available for the following platforms – Adobe Connect, Citrix GoToTraining, Webex Training Center, Skype for Business, Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom.

Key activities for the multilingual virtual producer include:

  • Learner technical support during the session, including recording session, fielding Q&A and chat, and basic technical support
  • Instructional support through active lesson support and scripted dialogue delivery
  • Breakout room facilitation, detailed virtual classroom tool instructions for learners, chat review, and summary


“The partnership with Comtec enables us to expand our services, especially to truly global organisations with learners around the world. It will mean we can expand our relationship with existing clients and also move into areas that we have not yet had the opportunity to work.”


Multilingual Virtual Learning can help you with:

  • Supporting your remote conferences with technical set up & facilitation in 200+ languages
  • Providing a positive environment for your virtual classrooms globally with multilingual professional facilitation and support
  • Providing your audience with everything they need to learn globally without having to leave the office

“We handpick linguists for each project, ensuring that they have the relevant, specific experience to match requirements. We’re taking the same approach in recruiting virtual producers for InSync, ensuring that they not only have the language skills needed but are also completely confident in the use of technology.” Sophie Howe, Director, Comtec

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Case Study: Sponge

Full localisation service for e-learning content.

Sponge, Outstanding Learning Organisation 2015-2016, is a market leader in delivering creative, custom-made e-learning programmes designed to supercharge workplace performance. Looking for a translation partner to manage their increasing volume of multilingual projects, they called on Comtec.

Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Translating eLearning Content

It’s a great feeling to know that your eLearning programmes are engaging learners and aiding personal and professional development. We want to help you to take that a step further to engage with learners on a global scale through the delivery of fully localised multilingual eLearning solutions.

Download our guide today.

Blog: Announcing our transatlantic partnership with InSync Training

Comtec and InSync Training announce their partnership that will help multinational organisations deliver improved global learning and training programmes.

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