Global Chatter – November: Translation Scams & German Mistakes

Hello! Goddag! Shalom! Welcome to a brand new edition of Global Chatter; the Comtec Translation team’s online space to share the latest news, views, tit bits and interesting stuff from the world of translation on the web. Each month we keep pace with translators and language buffs online, sharing the best and most useful posts with our readers.

This month, learn about translation scams how you can avoid them, find out about the gender gap in translation and read up on the most common German to English translation mistakes.

Don’t Be Taken in By These Translation Scams

road-sign-464653_640Lingua Greca has done us all a great service by sharing a recent post all about the growing number of translation scams now taking place online. There are an increasing number of scam artists out there targeting both translators and their clients to make off with their hard-earned cash.

From scammers ordering work from translators which they never pay for and then sell on, to scammers impersonating translators and sneakily invoicing for inflated amounts, there is lots of monkey business to be aware of when you’re working with a client or a provider for the first time.

If you’re keen to stay safe, avoid potential scammers and ensure quality, Lingua Greca’s comprehensive blog on the subject is very thorough and well worth a read. Thanks!

Women: Untranslated

Falling in the same month as Equal Pay Day in the UK, this thoughtful blog by the very excellent Translationista (AKA Susan Bernofsky) makes disheartening reading for many women. Sharing data from Women in Translation, Translationista’s blog examines the gender gap between the translation of literature by men and the translation of literature by women and finds a disappointing gulf between the two. Read up on the factors and the issues behind the figures in Susan’s fascinating and insightful post.

10 Common German to English Translation Errors

2192192956_2396facab1_oWe love The Translator’s Teacup blog from funny, savvy translator Rose Newell. Crammed with interesting tit bits from her life, alongside fascinating, funny and helpful insights into the world of translation, this is a great blog for your bookmarks bar if you work in the translation industry.

To give you a little flavour of Rose’s posts, we thought we’d share this great blog all about the most common mistakes made when translating from German into English. If you’ve commissioned a German to English translation, this is a particularly handy post which will help you pick up on any errors in the completed work. Very interesting stuff!

What’s your favourite translation blog on the web? Which mistakes do you come across most frequently in translated texts? Do you think we should be translating more female authors? Have your say below.

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