Help us raise money for disadvantaged children from around the globe

Comtec is organising a Spring Ball, to be held on Friday 8th April at Alderson House in Warwick to raise money for the fabulous charity, Global Care.

the spring ball header - 2We do hope to see as many of you as possible on the night!

For over 30 years, the Global Care has supported the most vulnerable children and young people in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and Central America through fundraising and sponsorship.

As a translation provider operating on a global scale, we’re so keen to do our part to contribute to such an important cause. John White, CEO of Global Care, would like to extend the following message to our guests:

“We are delighted to be invited to partner with Comtec at this prestigious event. As a locally-based charity with an international focus, we see a certain synergy in this partnership, and are so grateful for this opportunity to raise awareness of our work supporting vulnerable children worldwide. Whether with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, AIDS orphans in Uganda or street kids in Guatemala, Global Care has more than 30 years’ experience of coming alongside some of the poorest, most desperate children in the world, improving access to education, and helping them build a better future. Thank you for your interest and partnership in our work.”

We’ve included two case studies below highlighting the great work that Global Care has accomplished in Syria and Uganda. Please do take time to read through the stores of Asil and Denbe, Of course, there is so much more to accomplish. Please do let us know if you are able to attend our event on the 8th April and help us raise as much money as possible. If you are unable to attend, please do let us know if you would be happy to provide a donation to the charity. Even the smallest amount will make a huge difference.
You can learn more about the great work carried out by Global Care at their website.

Asil from Syria

Case Study - Asil

Nine-year-old Asil* fled her home in Syria with her parents and six siblings almost five years ago, when the bombs began to fall too close to their home. Her memories of that terrifying time are blurred but she remembers all the windows were cracked and broken from shrapnel entering their home, and her parents’ decision that it was not safe to stay in Syria any longer.

Asil and her family now live in a two-roomed tent in the Bekaa Valley, in Lebanon. In recent years other close relatives have joined them. Her grandfather and a cousin who refused to leave Syria have since been killed. Often Asil has to work in the fields to help support the family – she earns just US$6 for a ten-hour day.

Until Global Care’s Lebanese partners opened their Shack School in the roadside camp where Asil lives, she had never been to school. Now she, along with two of her siblings, are keen students. They know that education is almost their only hope of building a better future.

*not her real name

Denbe from Ugandadenbe & sibling

Teenager Denbe* has lived with her father and five siblings in rural north Uganda since her mother abandoned them soon after the birth of the youngest twins. Her mother suffers from an undiagnosed mental illness, but there is no help for her and society tends to reject and fear those with mental instabilities.

Denbe’s father works the little land they have to scratch a living together for his family. This left Denbe, as the eldest child, with the responsibility of being a mother to her five brothers and sisters from the age of just 10 years!

With no money for school fees and heavy family duties, Denbe couldn’t attend school regularly and struggled to concentrate when she did. She was placed under great strain to care for the whole family, living in severe poverty, and was effectively denied a normal childhood with her peers.

Global Care found Denbe a sponsor, allowing her to attend school, and took an active role in visiting and supporting the family to ensure their wellbeing. She was then enrolled into our skills centre and graduated with tailoring skills to add to her family’s income.

Life is still tough for this family, but their prospects are so much better.

*not her real name

To book your tickets for our Spring Ball, please call Carole on 01926 335 681 (ext. 203) or send an email to


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