Learning Technologies Highlights

The London ExCeL played host once again to the Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition, Europe’s leading showcase of workplace learning and the technology used to support it. It’s the perfect event for the Comtec team to catch up with our clients, friends from the eLearning Network, and find out what’s to come this year in L&D.

This year proved no exception – we spent a busy couple of days catching some of the seminars on offer, watching live demos and even listening into our guest appearance on last week’s The Good Practice podcast from Emerald Works!

Learning Technologies

As much as we’d like to, it would be impossible to share everything that we learned last week – so here’s just a few of our key takeaways…


Last month, the eLearning Network (eLN) delivered a fantastic webinar on accessibility, announcing 2020 as the year that this issue will become impossible for the industry to ignore.

Following new legislation that came into force in September 2018, the deadline for new online content for all public sector organisations, including eLearning, to be accessible is September 2020 (at the latest). For this reason, plus the obvious ethical implications, accessibility is a hot topic for many LT attendees, and it was interesting to speak to several of our clients about how they plan to tackle the matter this year.


Data was undoubtedly one of the hot topics with several seminars on offer; “Data-driven learning as a competitive advantage” and “The perfect storm for L&D: skills, data and personalisation!” to name just a couple. Sponge’s Kate Pasterfield’s seminar, “Six inspiring ways to enhance the learning experience with data”, was standing room only, showing how important data has become in delivering personalised and effective learning and how L&D teams want and need to understand how better to use data in their organisations.

For the L&D team, data is so important as it enables them to:

  • Identify skills gaps
  • Measure engagement with learning programmes
  • Measure the quantitative business impact of learning.

The Demise of Flash

Flash has long been a staple of eLearning courses – from games to drag-and-drop questions, to colour-changing buttons. But that’s soon to change, with Adobe Flash Player shutting down by December 2020 and open standards, such as HTML5, growing in both capability and popularity.

A key highlight for the Comtec team was a seminar delivered by ThinkBiscuit Media’s Michael Ditchburn and Juvo Learning Solutions’ Andy Moorman on how to prepare for a Flash-free future: how to know your course uses Flash, whether to retire, reuse or rework your course and where to ask for help. We have a feeling this is only going to become more prominent as the end of 2020 looms closer!

We hope all attendees had a great time at the exhibition last week! If you didn’t get to attend and have some burning questions on translating your training and digital learning content, do get in touch.

In the meantime, for some more information on best practice when it comes to translating your digital learning content, download our new Ultimate Guide to Translating eLearning Content here.

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