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Why London is a great place to be a translation services provider!

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Comtec are in the heart of the capital offering translation services in London. In a digital world, location may not seem like a priority for a translation service provider, but we actually think it’s very important to have a presence in London.

One of the main reasons is that translation services are a people business. We have a team of account managers, project managers, specialist translators, interpreters, proofreaders, editors and operations execs, and London is where they want to live!

A key benefit for a translation services provider, and our clients, is that London attracts high quality linguists who want to work and live in this diverse, multicultural city. We are able to access this pool of talent easily from our location and create a central London translation services hub.

Translation services are highly specialist. Not only do we need native speaking translators, they also need to have relevant sector experience and often other skills too. Our legal translations team are a good example of this. Translators must have legal expertise to provide the high-quality translation service we demand; it is much easier to find the right people in a multicultural city like London.

We’re also committed to building partnerships with our clients and we know that they value being able to access translation services in London, where they also have offices. Nothing beats face-to-face contact at some point in a translation project or on-going professional relationship. It means we can really get to understand their requirements by working in close proximity in the capital.

London is great place to be for a translation services provider – find out more about us here!

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