digital learning translation, e-learning translation

Why you get better translations when you have a translation partner

digital learning translation, e-learning translation

We often talk about being a ‘translation partner’ instead of a ‘translation service provider’ or ‘translation agency’. That’s not to say that we don’t offer the same services as a translation service provider (TSP), we have the whole range of translation services that you would expect from a TSP, however we do approach things differently to many other companies in our industry.

We know that our clients get a much better service, higher quality and better translations when we work in partnership rather than purely having a transactional relationship. To this end we work hard to make sure we understand our clients and their global objectives so that we can offer more strategic support, guidance and advice. We also tailor and align our translation services to their needs and promote a collaborative environment that encourages good communication and an exchange of ideas.

Translation partnerships deliver real value

The video below features our client, Sponge. They’re one of Europe’s largest independently-owned custom digital learning providers, delivering ‘seriously creative’ learning solutions to their international portfolio of clients, spanning 124 countries worldwide. Since our partnership began back in 2014, both companies have seen substantial growth and we are delighted to have delivered translation advice and guidance to support Sponge’s international development. The company has ambitious plans for future expansion; in the next five years, they expect to be a ‘global leader’ in the industry, with further office openings in mainland Europe and the USA. We look forward to joining them on this journey.

Watch the video to find out more about our partnership and why Sponge and the team at Comtec value it so highly.

I hope you found that this video sheds light on how a translation partnership differs from a customer supplier relationship, and the benefits that brings to our clients like Sponge. I think the following quote sums up how we see ourselves and the services we deliver: it’s great that the team at Sponge agree.

“What makes Comtec different is that, aside from the translations, they’re really committed to an excellent service. They’ve got a good team of people, and they’re also very flexible and approachable, so they take the time to work with us as a really strong partner. As a result, we can deliver a really strong service to our clients.”

Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director, Sponge

If you would like to find out more about working with Comtec, please get in touch.

We provide Sponge with e-learning translation services. If you also operate in this sector you may like to download our e-learning translation guide. Get your free copy by clicking on the link below.

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