Liaison Interpreting Services

At Comtec Translations, we offer a range of interpreting services to meet the needs of our corporate clients and private individuals. Liaison interpreting is just one of the services we offer, and can be used to facilitate a conversation between two parties who are speaking different languages, or groups of up to around five. This can include situations such as business meetings, conversations between small groups, one-on-one interviews and so on.

Liaison interpreting is often seen as a more informal form of interpreting than simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, as it does not require quite the same level of preparation beforehand. However, it is much better if the interpreter has an understanding of the subject, the company and the sector the client is in.

All our liaison interpreters possess a sound command of both their mother-tongues and the target languages they work in. The result is a seamless exchange that increases the chances of a successful negotiation.

To discuss how our liaison interpreting services can help you, please get in touch with the experienced team at Comtec Translations today.

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