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AdWords – Google’s online Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform – is global. For businesses and organisations launching in international markets PPC using AdWords is a highly effective way to reach new customers. This requires the translation of keywords and Adword campaigns, which is where Comtec can help. We off PPC campaign and AdWords translation in over 200 languages to help consumers all over the world find your website and access your products and services.

Comtec don’t just translate your existing AdWord campaigns, we optimise them for your target markets so they deliver results.PPC campaigns are powered by keywords, the words and keyword phrases your customers search for to find your products or services. To ensure your PPC campaigns rank highly in local Google search results, AdWords translations require localisation; the process of identifying the most appropriate translation, the actual keywords and phrases customers are using in your target markets.

Comtec’s experienced digital marketing translation team can help your business or organisation reach new customers by using AdWords effectively.

Our AdWords translation services include:

Translation of Keywords

Working with online tools such as the Google Keyword Planner and carefully researching foreign language versions of competitor websites, our native-speaking and professional linguists translate and localise keywords and keyword phrases for the target market.

Translation of Ad Copy

In addition to localising keywords, we provide high-quality, engaging and culturally appropriate translations of PPC adverts. Our linguists are all based in-market which means you’ll receive first-hand linguistic and cultural expertise to ensure ads are effective and fully tailored to the target market.

Translation of Landing Pages

We offer customised website translation services that extend to localisation of your landing pages. We’ll ensure that all copy on these pages is clear, fluent and effective as well as fully optimised with the necessary keywords.

Contact us today to discuss your PPC and AdWords translation requirements and for support reaching global customers through effective digital marketing translations. Call +44 (0) 1926 335 681.

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