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The rise of outsourcing, remote working and globalisation, has made internal comms more important than ever. Great communications have the power to connect, inform and unite your team across the globe. But first, you have to make sure you’re speaking their language.

Whether it’s newsletters or directives, global comms often need a fast turnaround – especially during periods of change. We’ll work with you to meet deadlines whilst ensuring employees are engaged and informed no matter where they are in the world.

Here are just a few different types of communication we can help to translate and localise:

  • Company publications and newsletters
  • Intranet, apps and social media
  • Corporate presentations and infographics
  • Emails and e-shots
  • Employee surveys and responses
  • Video communications
  • eLearning and training courses

Want to read more about creating multilingual internal comms? Check out our latest guide.

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“I would highly recommend Comtec. We use Comtec exclusively to translate our companies Legal & HR Policy’s & documents into our core regional languages, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian & Chinese. The delivery timeframe is quick and feedback from all regions confirms the quality of translations as well as keeping the formatting for consistency on all which is important to our business. The service Comtec provide us is always quick and professional and the ordering process for translations could not be easier. I look forward to continuing our relationship with them as a trusted translation partner.”


Driving an inclusive culture with high-quality multilingual comms

Did you know that according to research organisations with inclusive cultures are twice as likely to exceed financial targets?Translating your communications not only avoids any misinterpretations but embraces cultural nuances. This will help to build the inclusive culture many organisation strive for.

We know that your time is precious, that’s why we focus not only on creating high-quality translations but streamlining the process.

To do this, we’ll work with you and your local teams to understand your company, your culture and nuances across different markets. With this insight, we can recommend the steps to improve reviewing and approval stages.

Our experience, technology and ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 quality certifications mean we’re the trusted translation partner for internal communications teams, ensuring global employees are always kept informed, motivated and engaged.

Localising elearning and training

Translating and localising eLearning and training content requires close attention. That’s why we look at all aspects of the training material adapting content for cultural relevance, localising images and considering multilingual voiceover for audio content.

With extensive experience in helping clients go global, rest assured your translation project is in safe hands.

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Get the latest advice on handling Internal Comms translation

Translation Guide: Creating internal communications that engage and connect in every language

Being able to communicate and engage with your employees in their own language can reap benefits on your organisation’s culture, productivity and ROI.

This guide is packed with practical tips and advice to help you establish or improve on your multilingual internal communications.

Download your free copy now.

eLearning guide

Webcast: Engaging with a global workforce and the impact of language

How can language help to improve employee engagement?

With many multinational organisations citing low levels of employee engagement, speaking their language can pay dividends.

This webcast looks at the role of language in engaging a global workforce. Head of Client Relations, Susan Lankfer shares key facts about the impact of language on employee engagement, the risks of a one language strategy and a guide to what content you should be translating today.

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eLearning guide

Blog: Pros and cons of using one corporate language for employee engagement

Whether you want to build an inclusive culture, share important updates or provide vital training — employee engagement is crucial. But getting employees to engage with company comms can be a struggle, particularly if you have a multilingual workforce.

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