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For over 30 years we’ve worked with marketing professionals and creatives to translate and localise marketing materials for global audiences. We’re pretty au fait with the processes, tight deadlines and levels of professionalism required when developing global marketing campaigns.

But we do more than just translate marketing content. Comtec works closely with our clients to help them make their global campaigns more effective, ensuring that our marketing translation services support their goal of successfully marketing a global brand while appealing to local markets.

Our approach is to really understand what you need your marketing translations to achieve, and then provide you with the right services that will enable you to deliver engaging campaigns in each market. We’ll also help you manage what can often be complex projects involving large volumes of different content, formats and channels. By recommending best practices and ways to manage your translation more effectively, you will get more value out of our services.

To learn more download our Guide on How To Develop Successful Global Marketing Campaigns here.

Style, tone and brand messaging

Striking the perfect style and tone is a must in order to attract potential new customers overseas.

Translations must be elegant, engaging and read as if they are original pieces, preserving the brand messaging but also localised for different markets. We understand the importance of this and, by hand picking the best professional, native-speaking translation teams possible for your project, with experience in both the subject matter at hand and possessing the natural creative flair required to develop fluent and engaging marketing copy, we ensure high quality translated copy is delivered to you – on time, every time.

Marketing translation can also be a creative process

Cultural differences in your target market may necessitate transcreation and copywriting services. Transcreation takes your source text and recreates it so that it resonates with your target customer while preserving the brand image. Our copywriting team can also produce original creative copy in your target language when the source text does not exist or is unsuitable for transcreation.

We also aim to reduce stress and some of the workload involved in project managing your marketing translations. Where appropriate, our team can work alongside your local market colleagues and reviewers, or with external agencies such as web developers. We can provide support and advice, develop more effective processes for reviews, feedback and sign off, and help to reduce friction points when multiple parties are involved.

For more information about marketing translation and localisation, and global marketing campaigns, visit our blog. We share lots of insightful content to help marketing professionals get more value out of the services they use. Click here to visit the Comtec blog.

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With Comtec’s support as a dedicated language partner, marketing teams and creative agencies are in the perfect position to deliver successful international marketing campaigns that speak your customers’ language. We offer:

  • Translations of print content – brochures, leaflets, catalogues
  • Translations of digital content – websites, social media, blogs, Adwords
  • Voiceovers and subtitling for promo videos, podcasts and webinars
  • Transcreation of slogans and straplines
  • Pitch support
  • Cultural reviews
  • Artworking for all languages

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