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Training courses that engage the learner need to be localised for each market. We don’t just mean knowing your ciao from your ni hao, but images, terminology and tone. Culture is complex, but our expert linguists are here to guide you. With our certified quality translations, you’ll create training programmes that deliver on learner objectives – in every language.

We’re perfectionists, going above and beyond to find solutions. The confidence our clients have in our work is what sets us apart. With our team of expert linguists at your side, and over 200 languages under our belts, we’ll remove the stress of translations.

We appreciate the challenges you might be facing around launching a global training programme, from defining the format for the training content and understanding how to adapt it across different markets, to juggling different suppliers while keeping a handle on costs

It doesn’t have to be this complicated. With the right processes and expert linguists on your side, we help you overcome the challenges and simplify the translation process, giving you:

  1. Reduced translation costs to get a better ROI
  2. Faster delivery timescales to keep up with the demand for new training
  3. Higher quality translation and localisation across all types of training content, including eLearning and videos.
  4. Content which engages the learner and meets learning objectives
  5. Simpler market review process – saving everyone time and headaches

With our support, global L&D departments and eLearning providers can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they have an experienced partner for their training translation and localisation needs. Why not see what we can do for you?

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    “Comtec is committed to an excellent service. They’ve got a good team of people; they’re very flexible and approachable, and take the time to work with us in partnership. Working together in this way means that we’re able to deliver the best results to our global clients.”


    In our clients’ words

    “What makes Comtec different is that, aside from the translations, they’re really committed to an excellent service. They take the time to work with us as a really strong partner. As a result, we can deliver a really strong service to our clients.” Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director, Sponge

    As a leading digital learning provider, Sponge use our e-learning translation services to develop fully localised programmes into a wide variety of languages for their international clients. To find out more about how we go the extra mile to deliver an outstanding client experience and high quality translations for clients like Sponge, watch the video…

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    L and D guide

    How to build a global L&D programme

    Training delivered to employees in their own language can result in higher learner engagement, increased understanding and therefore higher ROI.  By putting some well-defined processes in place, creating multilingual training can be easier than you think. In this guide, we share what we’ve learnt from working on a wide range of global learning projects with clients in various sectors to help make delivering high-quality multilingual training simpler.

    Download our guide today.

    Blog: 3 ways to speed up translation of your learning and training content

    My experience working with our L&D clients is that they’re all united by one goal: to improve learner engagement and positive learner outcomes.

    Blog: How to translate quality multilingual L&D content

    Translated learning and training programmes, when done badly, are like listening to someone retell a joke when they’ve forgotten the punchline. It’s difficult to understand, frustrating to deliver and underwhelming.

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