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Transcreation is the process of recreating marketing copy and brand content so that it resonates with your target market, without losing its core message, brand values, and emotional intent. Transcreation services combine translation, localisation and creative copywriting to ensure your brand messages are effective in global markets.

Your carefully crafted marketing copy needs the same amount of care when translated for different global markets. Because of cultural differences and language disparities what is effective in one language may not be as successful in another.

Comtec’s transcreation services put your brand positioning, your target customers, and your marketing objectives at the heart of the process.

Our transcreation team will adapt the essence of your message, be it a slogan, strapline or advertising copy, so that it works successfully in the target market and aligns with your brand.

Transcreation and copywriting services can be used in conjunction or in isolation. Transcreation refers to the process of adapting source text to optimise it for your target market. Whereas when needed, Comtec’s copywriting team will create original text that reflects the brand and cultural values that your global customers demand.

To find out more about the differences between translation, transcreation and copywriting read our blog here.

Transcreation services and copywriting services are best used for:

  • Marketing copy written in a more creative and emotive style
  • Advertising copy,
  • Slogans and straplines,
  • Headlines,
  • Specific language elements such as puns, idioms and humour.

By partnering with Comtec our clients get specialist language support and comprehensive marketing translation services supporting global expansion and enabling them to reach new markets.

We work with marketing teams and creative agencies helping them to attract, engage and inspire international consumers. Contact our team today if you need our support: call +44 (0) 1926 335 681 or email

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