6 steps to translate and localise your website

Learn how you can reach a global customer base with a multilingual website.

Launching your translated website in a new market is an exciting pathway to fresh opportunities and international growth. To make sure that journey is as smooth as possible, a clear strategy is essential. This should not only include your global ambitions, but the technology, team and processes to get you there.

Download our new website translation and localisation guide to help your organisation manage multilingual website projects successfully.

In this guide you will learn in six steps how to:

  • Develop an effective strategy and plan to localise your website.
  • Select the right CMS system for your websites.
  • Choose the right method for your website translations.
  • Prepare your source content to save time (and cost) translating.
  • Work with your translation partner to streamline the process, saving time, money and stress.
  • Manage reviews and ensure high-quality website translations and localisation.
website translation

Gate - 6 Steps

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