Webinar: Are you speaking my language? The big wins of translating elearning content

Need to translate an eLearning programme but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to pitch for more international clients, but are put off by navigating multilingual learning?
In this webinar, we take the mystery out of eLearning translations by sharing our top tips for best practice and how to avoid common pitfalls.

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Webcast: Exploring business cultures and opportunities in Japan

Looking to expand your business into Japan or beyond?
The Japanese market, like many others, requires some language and local culture knowledge before you can start doing business, but you don’t have to be completely fluent straight away. Whether you’re interested in expanding into Japan, Brazil or Monte Negro, this video has lots of tried and tested tips to launch overseas.
Find out how preparation, open-mindedness and a strong purpose can help you achieve your global business growth goals.

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Webcast: Top tips for elearning localisation

Pssst.. looking for the secret to eLearning translations?
Watch this elearning webcast that shares the top tips for localising elearning content.
But what is localisation? It’s adapting content based on the cultural or linguistic nuances of specific locations or populations and is essential for high-quality translations.
Whether it’s text, videos or even games, localisation is the secret to ensuring your learners connect with the content.

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Webcast: Engaging with a global workforce and the impact of language

How can language help to improve employee engagement?
With many multinational organisations citing low levels of employee engagement, speaking their language can pay dividends.
This webcast looks at the role of language in engaging a global workforce. Head of Client Relations, Susan Lankfer, shares key facts about the impact of language on employee engagement, the risks of a one language strategy and a guide to what content you should be translating today.

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Webinar: Going Global

Don’t let not knowing a language hold your business back.
Translations could be the key to unlocking a new market for your business. 94% of the world’s population don’t have English as their first language, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be communicating with them.
Find out more about how investing in translation and localisation can help you meet international ambitions in this webinar.

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Pocket Guide: Finding the right translation partner

Ready to start translating but can’t pick a partner?
Finding the right translation partner (we don’t say service, as a partner provides much more), can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve put this handy checklist together to make sure you find one who ticks all the right boxes. From translation technology to accreditation and making sure your values align, there is plenty to consider.

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Translation Guide: Technical marketing material

Technical marketing and sales material translations requires a balancing act between engaging copy, localising content for the target market, and providing accurate technical information.
We have developed a fail safe method to get this right every time.
Learn more about our translation process by downloading our Guide to Technical Marketing Translation.

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Translation Guide: Legal translation and interpreting

Our high level of service is why many legal practices have partnered with Comtec to provide them with fast and accurate legal translations.
Download our Legal Translation and Interpreting guide to learn more about our services, certifications and expert team of legal translators and interpreters.

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Pocket Guide: Supercharge your translation strategy

Thinking about getting started with translations or looking to improve how you currently do them?
Take things back to the drawing board, with these seven questions that will help spotlight ways you can get more out of your translations. This strategy cheat sheet covers each step of the translation process. It pinpoints the areas that you may have overlooked or might want to give extra attention to.

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