Translation Guide: Technical marketing material

Technical marketing and sales material translations requires a balancing act between engaging copy, localising content for the target market, and providing accurate technical information.
We have developed a fail safe method to get this right every time.
Learn more about our translation process by downloading our Guide to Technical Marketing Translation.

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Translation Guide: Legal translation and interpreting

Our high level of service is why many legal practices have partnered with Comtec to provide them with fast and accurate legal translations.
Download our Legal Translation and Interpreting guide to learn more about our services, certifications and expert team of legal translators and interpreters.

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Pocket Guide: Supercharge your translation strategy

Thinking about getting started with translations or looking to improve how you currently do them?
Take things back to the drawing board, with these seven questions that will help spotlight ways you can get more out of your translations. This strategy cheat sheet covers each step of the translation process. It pinpoints the areas that you may have overlooked or might want to give extra attention to.

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Webinar: Creativity in translation – the process behind transcreation

Translation + creativity = Transcreation.
If you work in a creative agency, you might be wondering how translations will work to capture not only your words, but the intent of your work. Maybe you don’t know how the process works, how to convince clients to opt for translation or work with in-country client review teams?
In this webinar we remove the mystery surrounding translation and share the process of translating creative work. We cover what to expect from the project, how to measure ROI and much more.

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Translation Guide: The benefits of outsourcing translations

Many companies are benefiting from faster, more accurate and efficient translations by outsourcing their translation requirements.
If you are not sure whether it is time to outsource your translation projects, download this guide that explores the key benefits of partnering with a trusted translation provider.

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Pocket Guide: Top tips for getting content ready for translation

Get ahead of the translation process with these 5 steps.
Although a good translation partner will be as flexible as possible, being aware of translation requirements during content development and design will save time and money. That’s why we’ve shared these top tips for you and your designer to help streamline the process and help you to get prepared.

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Pocket Guide: 6 ways to achieve more value from your translation process

Want more out of your translations?
Are you already localising content and want to know how to get more value for money? Perhaps you’re just getting started with translations and want to maximise your investment? Here are 6 simple tips to help you achieve a higher ROI.

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Pocket Guide: 6 ways to demonstrate ROI on translating global internal communications

You know that translating internal comms is important, but how can you prove the ROI?
In this cheat sheet, we share the metrics your organisation can track to see how translations are benefiting the business. By keeping these six measurements in mind throughout the process, you can see the improvement that working with a translation partner has, helping you to make your business case.

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Webinar: How to master local market translation reviews

If you work in marketing and are struggling to manage feedback from your local-market reviewers – this webinar will help.

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