Foolproof guide to translating elearning content

From creating content with translation in mind, to implementing changes, managing different file types and authoring software – there is lots to consider when translating elearning. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you through the entire process.

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Webinar: The power of partnerships to drive business growth

Teamwork, it makes the dream work… when you get it right that is.

Brilliant partnerships are greater than the sum of their parts. Together the parties drive growth, learn and propel each other forward. But what makes a great partnership? That’s what we discussed alongside our partner Sponge, and the attendees of this interactive session.
Whether you want to improve your relationships with suppliers, clients or business partners, watch this webinar for practical tips and real-life lessons learnt.

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Webinar: Are you speaking my language? The big wins of translating elearning content

Need to translate an eLearning programme but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to pitch for more international clients, but are put off by navigating multilingual learning?
In this webinar, we take the mystery out of eLearning translations by sharing our top tips for best practice and how to avoid common pitfalls.

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Webcast: Top tips for elearning localisation

Pssst.. looking for the secret to eLearning translations?
Watch this elearning webcast that shares the top tips for localising elearning content.
But what is localisation? It’s adapting content based on the cultural or linguistic nuances of specific locations or populations and is essential for high-quality translations.
Whether it’s text, videos or even games, localisation is the secret to ensuring your learners connect with the content.

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