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Comtec has helped international businesses streamline their translation process and get results from their global comms for almost 40 years.
We provide accurate, engaging and effective messaging in over 200 languages, quickly, affordably and effectively. The results work hard to strengthen your brand and drive growth for your business.

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Webcast: Engaging local markets in the translation process

Ben, Account Director at the world’s leading ad agency network, McCann Central, and James, Head of Commercial at Comtec, discuss how global businesses should approach the translation and local market review and process, as well as the added value those bring to Ben’s work.

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Webinar: The power of partnerships to drive business growth

Teamwork, it makes the dream work… when you get it right that is.

Brilliant partnerships are greater than the sum of their parts. Together the parties drive growth, learn and propel each other forward. But what makes a great partnership? That’s what we discussed alongside our partner Sponge, and the attendees of this interactive session.
Whether you want to improve your relationships with suppliers, clients or business partners, watch this webinar for practical tips and real-life lessons learnt.

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Webcast: Exploring business cultures and opportunities in Japan

Looking to expand your business into Japan or beyond?
The Japanese market, like many others, requires some language and local culture knowledge before you can start doing business, but you don’t have to be completely fluent straight away. Whether you’re interested in expanding into Japan, Brazil or Monte Negro, this video has lots of tried and tested tips to launch overseas.
Find out how preparation, open-mindedness and a strong purpose can help you achieve your global business growth goals.

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Pocket Guide: Finding the right translation partner

Ready to start translating but can’t pick a partner?
Finding the right translation partner (we don’t say service, as a partner provides much more), can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve put this handy checklist together to make sure you find one who ticks all the right boxes. From translation technology to accreditation and making sure your values align, there is plenty to consider.

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Translation Guide: Legal translation and interpreting

Our high level of service is why many legal practices have partnered with Comtec to provide them with fast and accurate legal translations.
Download our Legal Translation and Interpreting guide to learn more about our services, certifications and expert team of legal translators and interpreters.

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Translation Guide: The benefits of outsourcing translations

Many companies are benefiting from faster, more accurate and efficient translations by outsourcing their translation requirements.
If you are not sure whether it is time to outsource your translation projects, download this guide that explores the key benefits of partnering with a trusted translation provider.

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Pocket Guide: 6 ways to achieve more value from your translation process

Want more out of your translations?
Are you already localising content and want to know how to get more value for money? Perhaps you’re just getting started with translations and want to maximise your investment? Here are 6 simple tips to help you achieve a higher ROI.

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Webinar: How to master local market translation reviews

If you work in marketing and are struggling to manage feedback from your local-market reviewers – this webinar will help.

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