Creating internal communications that engage and connect in every language

Being able to communicate and engage with your employees in their own language can reap benefits for your organisation’s culture, productivity and ROI.

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Webcast: Engaging with a global workforce and the impact of language

How can language help to improve employee engagement?
With many multinational organisations citing low levels of employee engagement, speaking their language can pay dividends.
This webcast looks at the role of language in engaging a global workforce. Head of Client Relations, Susan Lankfer, shares key facts about the impact of language on employee engagement, the risks of a one language strategy and a guide to what content you should be translating today.

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Pocket Guide: Top tips for getting content ready for translation

Get ahead of the translation process with these 5 steps.
Although a good translation partner will be as flexible as possible, being aware of translation requirements during content development and design will save time and money. That’s why we’ve shared these top tips for you and your designer to help streamline the process and help you to get prepared.

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Pocket Guide: 6 ways to demonstrate ROI on translating global internal communications

You know that translating internal comms is important, but how can you prove the ROI?
In this cheat sheet, we share the metrics your organisation can track to see how translations are benefiting the business. By keeping these six measurements in mind throughout the process, you can see the improvement that working with a translation partner has, helping you to make your business case.

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