Translation guides, case studies, podcasts, webinars and more to help you make the most of your message – whatever the language. All resources are free to download, watch or listen too and packed with practical advice you can start using today. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Guides, checklists and kits to help your organisation thrive internationally.
Our free guides bring together decades of experience. In them, you’ll find the practical tips and advice needed to succeed in high-quality translations. From marketing to elearning, internal comms and digital – we’ve got you covered.
We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, so we’ve let our clients do it instead.
Hear how we’ve helped savvy start-ups and global FTSE organisations to overcome their translation challenges. Find out first hand what it’s like to work with our team and what it means to have Comtec as your translation partner.
LinguaPod is a podcast brought to you by our team. In each episode, we talk to ambitious people from across the globe about working internationally. Bringing together our passion for people, culture and language, we’ll uncover the reality of working on a global scale, the highs, the lows and the bits in between.
Every episode is full of ideas, actions, hints and tips that you can put into practice straight away.
Watch and learn…
Hear from our expert team and guests as we unveil the mysteries surrounding translation and localisation. We cover a range of topics from going global to top tips for elearning, social media and marketing translations. Check out our free videos and make sure you sign up for upcoming webcasts.
Small in size but not in impact. Our bite-size guides include handy tips and tricks, as well as cheat sheets to learn more about making the most of your translations. Our pocket guides provide useful overviews on some of the topics explored in detail in our guides – perfect coffee break reading.
Comtec Brochure

Comtec brochure

Comtec has helped international businesses streamline their translation process and get results from their global comms for almost 40 years.

We provide accurate, engaging and effective messaging in over 200 languages, quickly, affordably and effectively. The results work hard to strengthen your brand and drive growth for your business.

Discover the Comtec difference in our brand new brochure.

Download our company brochure here.

Creating internal communications that engage and connect in every language

Being able to communicate and engage with your employees in their own language can reap benefits on your organisation’s culture, productivity and ROI.

This guide is packed with practical tips and advice to help you establish or improve on your multilingual internal communications.

Download your free copy now.

L&D Guide

The business benefits of multilingual training programmes

From digital learning trends, to measuring ROI and the big wins to expect when your global workforce engages with your multilingual programmes. This mini-guide gives you everything you need to build a case for translating learning content.

Download our mini-guide today.

L and D guide

How to build a global L&D programme

Training delivered to employees in their own language can result in higher learner engagement, increased understanding and therefore higher ROI. By putting some well-defined processes in place, creating multilingual training can be easier than you think. In this guide, we share what we’ve learnt from working on a wide range of global learning projects with clients in various sectors to help make delivering high-quality multilingual training simpler.

Download our guide today.

eLearning guide

Delivering effective multilingual marketing campaigns

Want to take your brand global? Our expert guide is packed full of practical tips and advice to help you streamline your translation process and make your marketing work hard in every language.

It’ll help you produce powerful campaigns that inform and engage your clients, inspire change, and drive international growth for your brand.

Download your free copy now. 

Comtec Brochure

6 Steps to translate and localise your website

Get the big picture on what’s involved in a successful website translation and localisation project here!

Our comprehensive guide will help you navigate the technical, linguistic and cultural aspects of a multilingual website, explaining the processes and steps involved in translating your company website.

Download our guide today.

eLearning guide

Webinar: How to master local market translation reviews

If you work in marketing and are struggling to manage feedback from your local-market reviewers – this webinar will help.

Finding the balance between centralising your marketing translations and keeping local-market teams in the loop, can be tricky. But if you can master this balancing act, your translations and communications will be all the better for it. Watch this 30-minute webinar to find out how.

eLearning guide

Webinar: Create ,Formulate, Translate - Getting Ready for Translation

Do you work in a global marketing team or marketing agency? Keen to find out more about the process of translating your content?

Watch our 30-minute webinar – Create, Formulate, Translate – where you’ll learn how to prepare content with translation in mind, choose the right approach for translation (depending on content type) and create the resources you need to help deliver high-quality localised marketing.

eLearning guide

Webinar: The power of partnerships to drive business growth

Teamwork, it makes the dream work… that is when you get it right.

Brilliant partnerships are greater than the sum of their parts. Together the parties drive growth, learn and propel each other forward. But what makes a great partnership? That’s what we discussed alongside our partner Sponge, and the attendees of this interactive session.

Whether you want to improve your relationships with suppliers, clients or business partners, watch this webinar for practical tips and real-life lessons learnt.

eLearning guide

Webinar: Creativity in translation - the process behind transcreation

Translation + creativity = Transcreation.

If you work in a creative agency, you might be wondering how translations will work to capture not only your words, but the intent of your work. Maybe you don’t know how the process works, how to convince clients to opt for translation or work with in-country client review teams?

In this webinar we remove the mystery surrounding translation and share the process of translating creative work. We cover what to expect from the project, how to measure ROI and much more. Take a look.

Translation Guide: For Creative and Marketing Agencies

We’ve been helping creative agencies support their international clients with complex global translations for almost 40 years. If they have something to say, we make sure their message is engaging, accurate and effective in every language.

Our agency clients rely on us to deliver customised content on time, on brief and on budget. When there’s translating to be done, they know we have their back. In fact, to them we’re more than a translation company – we’re a translation partner.

Discover the Comtec difference in our new creative brochure.

eLearning guide

Webinar: Are you speaking my language? The big wins of translating eLearning content

Need to translate an eLearning programme but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to pitch for more international clients, but are put off by navigating multilingual learning? 

In this webinar, we take the mystery out of eLearning translations by sharing our top tips for best practice and how to avoid common pitfalls. 

Watch it now to find out more. 

eLearning guide

Webcast: Exploring business culture and opportunities in Japan

Looking to expand your business into Japan or beyond?

Japanese market, like many others, requires some language and local culture knowledge before you can start doing business. But you don’t have to be completely fluent straight away. Whether you’re interested in expanding into Japan, Brazil or Monte Negro, this video has lots of tried and tested tips to launch overseas.

Find out how preparation, open-mindedness and a strong purpose can help you achieve your global business growth goals.

Click here to watch the webcast.

eLearning guide

Webcast: Top tips for eLearning localisation

Pssst.. looking for the secret to eLearning translations? 

Watch this eLearning webcast, that shares the top tips for localising eLearning content. 

But what is localisation? It’s adapting content based on the cultural or linguistic nuances of specific locations or populations and is essential for high-quality translations. 

Whether it’s text, videos or even games, localisation is the secret to ensuring your learners connect with the content. 

Click here to watch the webcast.

eLearning guide

Webcast: Engaging with a global workforce and the impact of language

How can language help to improve employee engagement?

With many multinational organisations citing low levels of employee engagement, speaking their language can pay dividends.

This webcast looks at the role of language in engaging a global workforce. Head of Client Relations, Susan Lankfer shares key facts about the impact of language on employee engagement, the risks of a one language strategy and a guide to what content you should be translating today.

Click here to watch the webcast.

eLearning guide

Webinar: Going Global

Don’t let not knowing a language hold your business back. 

Translations could be the key to unlocking a new market for your business. 94% of the world’s population don’t have English as their first language, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be communicating with them. 

Find out more about how investing in translation and localisation can help you meet international ambitions in this webinar. 

eLearning guide

Kick Start Your Global Growth with an Effective Translation and Localisation Strategy

Speaking to prospects in their own language boosts your sales, but how can you best achieve this when you have limited experience of translations and budgets to match?

This 10-minute guide will help you understand your options, identify the right translation partner and achieve the best possible ROI.

Download your free copy now.

eLearning guide

The Ultimate Guide to Translating eLearning Content

It’s a great feeling to know that your eLearning programmes are engaging learners and aiding personal and professional development. We want to help you to take that a step further to engage with learners on a global scale through the delivery of fully localised multilingual eLearning solutions.

Download our guide today.

Translation Guide: Technical Marketing Material

Technical marketing and sales material translations requires a balancing act between engaging copy, localising content for the target market, and providing accurate technical information.

We have developed a fail safe method to get this right every time.

Learn more about our translation process by downloading our Guide to Technical Marketing Translation.

Translation Guide: Legal Translation and Interpreting

Our high level of service is why many legal practices have partnered with Comtec to provide them with fast and accurate legal translations.

Download our Legal Translation and Interpreting guide to learn more about our services, certifications and expert team of legal translators and interpreters.

Services in Focus: Technical Translation

Translating technical content for a global customer base requires experienced translators with industry specific knowledge.

In our ‘Service in Focus’ guide you can learn more about Comtec’s technical translation services and how we ensure accurate and consistent translations.

Translation Guide: The Benefits of Outsourcing Translations

Many companies are benefiting from faster, more accurate and efficient translations by outsourcing their translation requirements.

If you are not sure whether it is time to outsource your translation projects, download this guide that explores the key benefits of partnering with a trusted translation provider.

Case Study: Sponge

Working with large corporations, many of which have stringent L&D policies, can be challenging – here’s how we uphold Sponge’s reputation.

Case Study: Aardman Animations

Bringing together multilingual sign-language interpreters, deaf presenters and Father Christmas to help children learn to read around the world.

Case Study: Nomad Foods

How we’ve helped the frozen food giant to keep its European workforce engaged, connected and informed.

Case Study: Domino Group

Marketing translations, multilingual websites and project management that help save time.

Case Study: World Obesity Federation

Translating 39 elearning modules into four languages all whilst keeping costs down and quality high.

Case Study: Achilles

One website into three languages in just three months – how we translated a multilingual website that’s built for success.

Pocket Guide: Finding the right translation partner

Ready to start translating but can’t pick a partner?

Finding the right translation partner (we don’t say service, as a partner provides much more), can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve put this handy checklist together to make sure you find one who ticks all the right boxes. From translation technology to accreditation and making sure your values align, there is plenty to consider.

Download the checklist to get off to the right start.

Pocket Guide: 6 ways to achieve more value from your translation process

Want more out of your translations?

Are you already localising content and want to know how to get more value for money? Perhaps you’re just getting started with translations and want to maximise your investment? Here are 6 simple tips to help you achieve a higher ROI.

Download the free cheat sheet here.

Pocket Guide: 6 ways to demonstrate ROI on your translations

You know that translating internal comms is important, but how can you prove the ROI?

In this cheat sheet, we share the metrics your organisation can track to see how translations are benefiting the business. By keeping these six measurements in mind throughout the process, you can see the improvement that working with a translation partner has, helping you to make your business case.

Download your free ROI cheat sheet here.

Pocket Guide: Supercharge your translation strategy

Thinking about getting started with translations or looking to improve how you currently do them?

Take things back to the drawing board, with these seven questions that will help spotlight ways you can get more out of your translations. This strategy cheat sheet covers each step of the translation process. It pinpoints the areas that you may have overlooked or might want to give extra attention to.

Download your free strategy cheat sheet today.

Pocket Guide: Top tips for getting content ready for translation

Get ahead of the translation process with these 5 steps.

Although a good translation partner will be as flexible as possible, being aware of translation requirements during content development and design will save time and money. That’s why we’ve shared these top tips for you and your designer to help streamline the process and help you to get prepared.

Download the cheat sheet here to get your content translation ready.