At Comtec, we’ve got over 30 years of experience in helping our clients realise their international expansion plans by providing high-quality language and translation support. We understand the importance of languages when it comes to conducting business internationally, so we’ve put together a series of resources to share valuable advice and expertise on our range of translation services available to help you achieve your business goals.

Download our translation guides, case studies and webinars below.

Comtec Brochure

Comtec Brochure

Our mission is to help companies build their brands and drive sales worldwide across all channels and in all languages.

Find out how we do this, the technology we use, the services we provide, and how Comtec clients have ‘gone global’ with our expert support.

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L&D Guide

A Guide on Making the Case for Translating and Localising - L&D Programmes

Making the case for translating and localising L&D programmes contains helpful facts and stats about language barriers, explores how to measure ROI from your translated content and highlights the big wins you can get when your global workforce engages with your multilingual programmes.

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Comtec Brochure

A Guide on How to Develop Successful Global Marketing Campaigns

Are you using translation services as a strategic part of your international marketing campaigns? Many companies and brands find that their translated materials are not always effective.

With so much volume and such a diverse range of content to translate, you may be not be getting real ROI from translations. Often this is because a key component of the marketing translation project has been overlooked – localisation.

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A Practical Guide To Translating Different Marketing Content

Do you need marketing content translated for different campaigns and for different markets? Most companies and brands produce a huge amount of very diverse marketing content, and it can be difficult to know how to go about the translating and localisation process.

In this guide we simplify the various translation methods you can use, and what type of content they are best suited to. We also offer advice for working with translation service providers, to ensure your global marketing projects are delivered on time, on budget and, most importantly, are successful.

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Getting Started with Website Translation

Web users are four times more likely to purchase from a website that communicates in their native language.

Before embarking on a foreign language version of your company website, download our guide.

Exploring why your business should have a multilingual website, and sharing our top 10 essential tips, this guide will get you started with website localisation.

Comtec Brochure

Website Translation & Localisation in 6 Steps

Get the big picture on what’s involved in a successful website translation and localisation project here!

Our comprehensive guide will help you navigate the technical, linguistic and cultural aspects of a multilingual website, explaining the processes and steps involved in translating your company website.

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Translation Guide: E-Learning and Training Translation

There are many opportunities to engage with global audiences by providing eLearning and training materials in multiple languages.

We have compiled a short guide sharing the essential steps needed to ensure a smooth eLearning translation and localisation process.

Get started today by downloading this 10 step guide.

Translation Guide: Languages in International Business

English is no longer enough to do business in international markets; companies need to be communicating in the languages of their target market or risk losing out to the competition.

Download this guide to start building your company’s language capacity and reach a global audience.

Translation Guide: For Creative and Marketing Agencies

Creative and Marketing agencies benefit from partnering with a trusted translation provider to deliver their multilingual projects.

Download our guide to find out how you can add more value to your services, and how we consistently deliver high quality translations for advertising and marketing agencies.

Translation Guide: Technical Marketing Material

Technical marketing and sales material translations requires a balancing act between engaging copy, localising content for the target market, and providing accurate technical information.

We have developed a fail safe method to get this right every time.

Learn more about our translation process by downloading our Guide to Technical Marketing Translation.

Translation Guide: Legal Translation and Interpreting

Our high level of service is why many legal practices have partnered with Comtec to provide them with fast and accurate legal translations.

Download our Legal Translation and Interpreting guide to learn more about our services, certifications and expert team of legal translators and interpreters.

Services in Focus: E-Learning Translation

Find out more about Comtec’s eLearning Translation Services, and how partnering with an experienced translation provider will ensure your eLearning translation projects are successful.

Explore our services in more depth and discover how we deliver high quality eLearning translation projects by downloading this guide.

Services in Focus: Technical Translation

Translating technical content for a global customer base requires experienced translators with industry specific knowledge.

In our ‘Service in Focus’ guide you can learn more about Comtec’s technical translation services and how we ensure accurate and consistent translations.

Translation Guide: The Benefits of Outsourcing Translations

Many companies are benefiting from faster, more accurate and efficient translations by outsourcing their translation requirements.

If you are not sure whether it is time to outsource your translation projects, download this guide that explores the key benefits of partnering with a trusted translation provider.

Case Study: World Obesity Federation

The World Obesity Federation is an umbrella organisation for national obesity associations and societies, representing 56 countries. Its mission is to improve global health by reducing, preventing and treating obesity.

In this case study we share how Comtec has worked with the World Obesity Federation’s Professional Education team, translating e-learning modules for the SCOPE programme into three languages.

Click on the link to download our case study and learn more about how we have delivered high quality translations, reliability and helped the World Obesity Federation drive efficiencies and reduce costs.

Case Study: Zaha Hadid Architects

Urgent translations are often required in tendering for new projects, which means Zaha Hadid Architects call on Comtec to deliver high-quality translations into any number of languages, at short timescales.

Discover how we maintain top quality translations with a fast turnaround, and hand-pick our translation teams with industry-specific, in-market knowledge to support our client’s objectives.

Case Study: Domino Group

Domino supplies coding and printing solutions to over 120 countries, requiring translation into a wide variety of languages, including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Dutch.

In this case study we share how our on-going partnership with the Domino Group has reduced both the turnaround times, ensuring fully localised product information is available for their customer faster and the in-house team’s project management workload; while at the same time improving the quality, consistency and success of each marketing translation project.

Click on the link to learn more about how we ensure a fast turnaround of high quality technical and marketing translations for our client.

Case Study: Centum

Translating books for young readers requires a collaborative and creative approach to ensure the translated content is engaging and fun.

Centum Books also needed a quick turnaround for their movie-related activity books and novelisations, which Comtec translated for the French market.

In this case study we share our approach to creative publishing translations.

Case Study: Logicearth

We always take a customer-centric approach when working with our clients, which extends to their customers too.

In this case study we share details of our professional relationship with Logicearth – a dynamic enterprise e-learning company.

Click here to learn more about our approach to working with e-learning providers.

Case Study: Insights

At Comtec we welcome the opportunity to develop close working relationships with our clients.

We believe this delivers fantastic benefits for all parties, as well as high quality translations.

In this case study for our client – business consultancy Insights – we explore the benefits of building close partnerships.

Case Study: Amtico International

We believe the best approach for localising marketing content and preserving brand identity, is to manage marketing translations centrally.

In this case study we share how we helped luxury flooring company Amtico create and launch a new website for key international markets; getting the right balance between localised content and brand positioning.

Case Study: Aston Martin

Luxury automotive brand Aston Martin required website localisation and translation of brand literature across their key international markets.

This case study outlines our approach to creative and technical translation projects, and how Comtec ensured that translated materials fully reflected the Aston Martin luxury brand.

Case Study: Cavalier Studios

In this case study we share the benefits of partnering with a trusted translations provider when delivering projects to your clients.

Corporate video production company Cavalier Studios required localised training content for their client, a FTSE 100 company.

Here’s how we supported them with multilingual voiceover services.

Case Study: KAZAM

Website translation and localisation is an important way to reach consumers in new markets.

In this case study find out how Comtec supported mobile phone developer KAZAM’s global strategies ahead of the company’s overseas launch.

Working closely with the website team, Comtec ensured a smooth and streamlined process, and high quality, consistent technical translations.

Case Study: KIMAL

To expand further into European markets, healthcare innovator KIMAL have partnered with Comtec for translation of medical and marketing content.

In this case study we share how we work with KIMAL’s marketing department and their local market reviewers to ensure high quality, accurate medical translations. We also share details of our on-boarding process, and how we have resolved the challenges KIMAL experienced previously in order to streamline the translation process.

Case Study: LEGO Education

Through creative agency me&him, Comtec localised a series of instructional product videos for LEGO Education in five key languages.

In this case study we share the process of creating multilingual voiceover recordings and audio localisation.

Find out here how we handpicked specialist teams to ensure that each element in the project was fully localised, accurate and culturally appropriate.

Case Study: Sponge

Find out how Comtec helped Sponge deliver fully localised e-learning programmes for their multinational clients.

In this case study we share how building close working relationships enabled Comtec to add value to Sponge’s e-learning translation projects and enrich the service they offer their clients.

Case Study: Toro Gold

This case study shares how Comtec worked with our client Toro Gold to deliver a large, high-profile technical translation project; and reduced the expected delivery time from two years to just seven months.

Discover how we managed large teams of translators and implemented stringent Quality Assurance procedures to delivered high quality, accurate translations for this bilingual project.

Case Study: Advanced

Our client Advanced required their extensive healthcare and clinical support database ‘Odyssey’ translated for their Swiss clients.

In this case study we share our robust approach to medical translations and how we successfully reduced project costs by 85% for Advanced.

Learn about how Comtec continues to deliver high quality, accurate medical translations in partnership with our client.

Case Study: UKi Media and Events

In this case study we share how Comtec has supported UKi Media & Events for over four years, by delivering technical marketing translations for their events.

UKi Media & Events require a wide range of technical marketing materials for their global expos on an on-going basis.

Here we explain how our team deliver high quality translations on a weekly basis for our client.

Case Study: Oleo International

High quality technical translations can only be achieved if you have translators with sector-specific expertise.

In this case study we share how Comtec supported Oleo International’s rapid global growth in the rail sector, with accurate and consistent technical translations of brochure and website content in six languages.